Tuesday, June 30th

Vikki's lie is exposed when Nikki tells Paul the truth (causing friction between Mother and daughter) Billy's disappointed too - especially after he confided that they did frame Victor ... Paul confiscates a gun from Victor's safe ... Adam meets Victor to discuss their deal. He's then worried by a call from Marisa; who knows who he is. She's drying off with Noah at Underground) ... Phyllis hold vigil at Jack's bedside .... Chelsea visits Jack. Read more

Monday, June 29th

As Jack fights for his life, Phyllis fights for answers ... Marisa realizes that Marco intends to kill her .... Torn, Nikki confides in Neil, then tattles on Victor (realizing she's busting Vikki for lying too) ... Surveillance footage from CL's shows some odd behavior. Read more

Friday, June 26th

As Jack fights for his life, Phyllis and Vikki question Victor ... Marco's plans to vanish to the Caribbean are interrupted when Marisa holds him at gunpoint ... The Abbott's gather at GCM ... Avery stops Dylan from 'interrogating' Joe (who then decides not to tattle to the police) Read more

Thursday, June 25th

Marco (in a bullet proof vest) and Adam carry through with their plan. Victor is lured to the park (with Jack on his way to save the day) Marisa calls to warn Paul. Too late - Victor's pulled the trigger .... Sharon's dinner party goes awry when Paul and Dylan rush to GCM. Avery's been beaten and raped (and claims Joe did it) ... As Sharon discusses her pregnancy with Nikki, Noah and Mariah, Dylan goes to confront Joe (who's already had words with Paul) Read more

Wednesday, June 24th

Jack and Marisa are in GC! Jack has a brief chat with Phyllis and Summer, then runs off to meet Marisa (who updates him that Adam and Marco are up to something) ... Marco convinces Adam to help him fake his death - and frame Victor (which Marisa tells Jack) ... Avery summons the man she can't stomach to sight of to the park. After he leaves, a man in black drags her off... Visions of her fling with Joe just a few hours ago, Lily tells Cane she can't make love to him right now. Read more

Tuesday, June 23rd

After sleeping with Joe, Lily struggles with guilt as she confides in Avery, then agrees to start over with Cane ... Yack has a way around 'Gabe's' paternity test... Phyllis, Kyle and Billy continue to whine that Yack's a different person ... Adam traps Yack - then wonders who the hell he is. Read more

Monday, June 22nd

A frantic Avery summons Dylan yet again (but, as requested, calls the police the next time) ... Nick wonders if Sharon's pregnant. She does have a pregnancy test, and later tells Dylan they're having a baby (which he considers good news) ... Victor, Phyllis and Ashley have a surprisingly boring chat ... Lauren signs the divorce papers .... Having 'evidence' that Cane's cheating, Lily doesn't have to work hard to seduce Joe. Read more

Friday, June 19th

Sure her gramps is innocent, Summer lashes out at Yack, Kyle , Phyllis and Paul ... Victor tells Vikki to leave it to him - assigns bodyguards to his family, then tells Yack to watch himself or get killed ... Ashley and Phyllis compare notes on this new Yack ... Jack and Marisa turn the tables on the thug Marco sent. Get us off this island!! he demands (after making the thug call Marco to say he's dead) Read more

Thursday, June 18th

Well... Happy Father's Day... The Newman's gather at the club. Reluctantly joining them, Nikki's the one to question Victor's sudden urge to take his entire family on a vacation ... Also at the club, Phyllis and Kyle are pissed at Yack (who's unsettled by a call from Marisa but thrilled when Victor's arrested for embezzlement.... Chris accepts Nikki's apology. Read more

Wednesday, June 17th

Things get even more tense between Victor and Yack (who pulls the trigger but the gun is empty) ... He calms Phyllis down and tells her that Victor may kill him... After a run in with Nikki, Victor tells Neil that Jack may try to kill him .... When Dylan runs to Avery's rescue, then interrogates Joe, Sharon goes to Avery's (as Joe stops drinking with Lily and drops by to say he wasn't there earlier) ... Mariah puts Dylan on notice... Nikki apologizes to Paul. Read more