Wednesday, December 30th

Ashley confides in Dr Neville, and accepts his help .... Ben and Abby continues without further incident (oh, except Noah unwittingly backing over Billy in the parking lot - as seen by Marisa) .. Neil uses Nikki to try shake Hilary. Read more

Tuesday, December 29th

Abby walks down the aisle - and a woozy Ashley collapses into it. Also about to be taken to the mat? Billy (who's bookie wants payment - now) .... Adam continues to align with (or play) Luca; who's invited to the wedding - with Marisa of course. Read more

Monday, December 28th

Kevin agrees to let Billy in - to get an extra million in backing for the cyber project (Mariah's idea) ... Billy bets it all on a long shot - and loses.... While Victor continues to plot against Santori's, it's hard to tell whose side Adam, Luca and Noah are on... Phyllis pleads Billy's case to Vikki. Read more

Wednesday, December 23rd

Faith succeeds where all others have failed - getting Victor to join his family's Christmas party.... Traci gathers the Abbott's at the cabin for some sappy sentiments ... Neil tries to push Lily and Cane closer together. Read more

Tuesday, December 22nd

Billy tells Jill that he's turning over a new leaf ... Victor seems determined not to attend the Newman family Christmas party Nikki's hosting just a few floors up at Top of the Tower ... Marisa and Luca get hot n heavy (as Noah and Victor play their game) ... Hilary tells Neil that Gwen wants him bad (and she'd know) ... Ashley pressures Neville to produce .... Cane will be spending the night with his family. Read more

Monday, December 21st

In Victor’s office, Abby annoys Vikki by reading an online article about the family reunion/battle royale at Underground the other day (in which a drunken Billy ended up on the floor) Abby could strangle Billy – and doesn’t blame Vikki for being mad at him – but can’t Vikki find... Read more

Friday, December 18th

At the club, Jack gently and with regret fires Gwen. After losing half a billion, he must cut costs by letting his senior management go. Gwen’s not happy but understands. Merry Christmas, she bleats tearily. Devon comes over to tell Gwen he’s sorry – but is not eager to hire... Read more

Thursday, December 17th

Paul's suspicious of Dr Neville - and so's Neil when he sees Ashley partners up with him .... Noah shows Luca and Marisa around their new offices... Summer's early birthday party/Underground's Christmas party is derailed by a drunken Billy ... Phyllis vows to help a stressed Jack save Jabot ... Read more

Wednesday, December 16th

Marisa leans on Luca, literally - after she quits Underground to work with Luca at Newman (unless Adam and Victor are able to oust the Santori family) Noah is brought onboard..... Sage visits Sharon and Sully - while Nick has a chat with Chelsea. The result? Things look good for a reconciliation ... Billy's having yet another bad day; failing with Kevin and betting on the ponies. Read more