Wednesday, September 30th

Devon runs around GCM – sure the Jane Doe is Hilary. As he brushes past Paul, Devon’s disappointed to see the terrified woman in the bed isn’t Hilary – it’s Marisa. Dylan chats with Ben at CL’s – if you had an unconscious woman, where would take her to avoid... Read more

Tuesday, September 29th

Knowing that Gwen's run off to tattle on him, Neil makes a move .... Devon and the Ashby's race to GCM - a woman matching Hilary's description has been brought in ... Ian tells Victor and Phyllis that he hasn't left prison (the warden later calls Victor - he's escaped!) ... After Chelsea spots Adam sneaking out of the neighbour's penthouse, Kevin appears - he's traced Ian's helper's IP - to this building! Read more

Monday, September 28th

Things come to a head between Ian and Adam ... The station is full of arrestees ... With word out that Hilary was brought back to GC, Neil plans a move - but is busted by Gwen.... Ian has a doppelganger... Jack gives Adam 'news' - Ian's escaped.... A furious Noah confronts Victor and Jack... Marisa leaves town. Read more

Friday, September 25th

Despite Vikki and Abby's disapproval, Victor uses the FBI and IRS against Jabot ... As Ian ends his chat with Phyllis, Summer arrives at the park - and tells her Mom who he is .... Knowing Marisa's full story, a furious Noah goes to confront Victor .... Dylan informs Paul, Devon and Mike that (per the pilot) Hilary was flown back to GC) ... Neil dissuades Gwen from joining him in New York (as he continues his 'wake up' vigil at the boathouse) Read more

Thursday, September 24th

With Kevin's help, Dylan finds a pilot - who Devon accuses then punches.... Gwen still wants Neil (and it seems he reciprocates) ... Marisa must tell the truth or lose Noah (Luca also wants some answers) ... Patty overhears Sharon's secret and spills it (but the DR doesn't take her seriously) Read more

Wednesday, September 23rd

With a narrow victory, Ashley wins the board's vote - Jack warns that she's not just bought a company, she's reignited a war with Victor (who then warns Jack of the same thing) .... Nick apologizes to Sage (who's embarrassed about her reaction to Victor) ... Vikki's hurt when overhearing Victor fawning over his heir apparent; Nick ... Dylan takes Faith to visit Sharon - then comforts her.... Sharon confides in her doctor - she's pissed off that Nick's life is going so much better than hers ... Woe is me Summer again feels in the middle. Read more

Tuesday, September 22nd

Both sides are surprised when Jabot ends up buying NE's shipping company online for a low price.... Jack and Ashley are at one another's throats (he wants her to sell the shipping company back to Victor) ... The Newmans are warring too. With Sage in the hospital, Nick accuses Victor of being responsible ... Jack and Phyllis call Fred (who's voice sounds familiar) ... Kevin confirms this virus is virtually unstoppable. Read more

Monday, September 21st

Abby will NOT be going to Europe with Ben (or anyone else - it's over) .... Nick suspects the numbers are being skewed by the Paragpn worm .... As Victor threatens to expose Marisa if she doesn't leave with Luca, Noah accuses her of lying to him .... Passing out while doing some computer work, Sage panics when waking up to the sight of a concerned Victor .. Neil tells Devon that he's working on the house as a gift to him and Hilary - and makes it clear to Gwen that they are OVER (too bad she's falling in love with him) Read more

Friday, September 18th

Ian cancels dinner with the Abbott's and vacates the trailer (on Adam's orders) - but guess where he's moved into? Adam's old penthouse.... Phyllis is distressed to learn that Marco's still a threat ... Tipped off by a suspicious Gwen, Devon confronts Neil at the lake house .... Paul and Dylan continue to investigate.... Sharon's NOT happy to see a familiar face - Patty Williams. Read more

Thursday, September 17th

Filled in by Jack, Victor pays Luca a visit (and finds Marisa in his suite) ... Adam worries when Ian gets himself invited to the Abbott's for dinner .... Sharon checks herself into the only facility with an opening - Fairview (where she gave birth to Faith; who was then stolen by Adam) ... Claiming to be worried about Abby, Vikki suggests Ben ask her to go away on vacation (which he does) Read more