Thursday, April 30th

After Adam and Sage have sex, Billy exposes Chelsea and 'Gabe' at the non-wedding ... More evidence comes out - for and against Sharon ... Avery is hard on Joe (and annoyed when Sharon answers Dylan's phone) Read more

Tuesday, April 28th

As Adam begs Chelsea not to marry Billy, Billy overhears that they had sex (and decides Chelsea should get what she deserves; she thinks that means a big wedding) ... Yack tells Victor that Gabe is not who he appears to be ... Summer dumps money-hungry Kyle ... Kelly tells Jack that Phyllis is dead. Read more

Monday, April 27th

Also out of a job (despite Adam defending her) Chelsea agrees to marry Billy - tonight! .. Adam pays Yack a visit ... Dylan opens up to Sharon ... Nick's pissed when Faith's taken by CPS - then transferred into Vikki's care ... Ashley warns Victor that Chelsea quitting might put an end to his relationship with Connor. Read more

Friday, April 24th

Nikki and Phyllis put their husbands new partnership to the test ... Neil's hired at Newman-Abbott - and makes it clear to Devon that he won't be forgiven if he's with Hilary (whom he's just kissed) ... Sharon explains things to Faith - after Nick punches a reporter... Avery off with Joe - Dylan comforts Sharon ... Mike wants a separation. Read more

Thursday, April 23rd

Sharon butts heads with Mike, Dylan and then Avery ... After a public fight with Mike, Lauren turns to Cane - Jill advises Mike... Collin warns Lily to watch her husband around Lauren ... Hilary appeals to Devon... Avery's going to Chicago with Joe... Returning to find Avery and Sharon fighting, Mike passes out. Read more

Wednesday, April 22nd

Victor and Yack's scheme continues to perturb the Abbott's ... New boss Vikki isn't happy to see Ben and Abby kissing .. Cheslea secures her position at Jabot - and is caught leaving an urgent message for Gabe. Read more

Monday, April 20th

Paul's furious when Mobley gives Neil a plea deal ... Hilary tells Devon that she loved/loves him ... Yack continues to alarm his family (who oppose him making a deal with Victor) Billy fired, Ashley's calling a board meeting ... There's a clash of egos as Victor and Yack meet in the confessional .... Kelly tries to seduce a tied up Jack. Read more

Friday, April 17th

Neil takes responsibility. Winston's stunned when Hilary takes the stand... Avery won't let Joe send her away ... Dylan's defense of Sharon angers Paul ... Jack escapes (with the help of ghost John) ... Billy and Ashley are puzzled by Jack's reaction to Victor's accusations. Read more