Wednesday, July 1st

At Jack’s bedside, Adam’s sorry – if he knew Jack was alive and needed his help … I’m glad you’re back. Too bad you walked into a bullet that wasn’t intended for you. He’s not sure who this woman who called him (and knows who HE is). Our deal was for you to keep quiet. Victor hired this Marco thug – and he shot you. He’ll pay for everything he’s done, starting today.

Phyllis and Ashley watch Adam through the window – is his concern real? Ashley doesn’t buy it – why did Jack keep the relationship a secret? Why did he pursue Billy’s fiance? Why was he strolling through the park? Too many coincidences – may be ‘Gabe’ and Victor are in on it together? When the DNA test comes back, we’ll know who he is, and which side he’s on; Jack’s or Victor’s.

Nick’s at his Father’s office to ask if he shot Jack. Victor seems insulted; have you known me to shoot anyone? Or to even carry a gun? Mentioning the embezzlement arrest, Nick wonders if Victor decided to push back.

Noah’s decorating Underground when Marisa comes down – he wasn’t sure if she was still there. She has nowhere else to go. Noah doesn’t believe her story – he asked around and no one heard a couple arguing at the park. Did you call your boyfriend? You’re not being straight with me. Nice guy Noah’s tired of being mislead. Marisa admits it’s worse than a fight with a boyfriend – she’s in real trouble.

At the station, Kevin shows Paul the curious footage of Jack passing by CL’s twice – minutes before he was shot. This isn’t spliced – or a glitch. Paul says the priority is finding out who shot him – but yes, the footage is strange (almost as strange as Kevin being back at work lol lol) Paul then gets a call – the ballistics are in on Victor’s gun. Here we go.

As Mariah arrives, Paul tells Kevin that the gun from Victor’s safe isn’t the one that shot Jack. We can’t jump to conclusions. Kevin then puzzles with Mariah (who notes that he was pacing all night) The footage doesn’t make sense. He’s convinced what happened to Jack and their friends is connected.


Nick lists off recent unlikely events – the embezzlement – body guards – Jack being shot – the Abbott’s drop the charges. Is he supposed to believe everything his Father says (like Vikki)? She’s a loyal daughter, Victor wants to know what Nick wants. Knowing his Dad’s not innocent in all this, Nick walked away from the business, and now he’s walking away from Victor (who tells him to go)

At GCM, Sage interrupts Phyllis and Ashley to assure that Gabe’s hatred for Victor is sincere. Phyllis and Ashley aren’t convinced – Sage is ‘team Newman’ after all. When Adam comes out, Phyllis snarls that coma patients can hear. Ashley’s left to note how protective Gabe and Sage are of each other. When she gets a text from Victor. Adam already knows about the meeting (guess I’m higher on the food chain than you are) Hurry along – you don’t wanna be late, he sends her off. Adam then gets a call from Chelsea – she too was invited to the meeting. Adam will meet her there. Sage comments that he’s in an even worse position than he was before.

Worse position than before? Adam thinks everything’s coming along nicely. He gets to serve up some justice to Victor and has Chelsea and Connor back. Sage blasts him for claiming Jack’s his Father. Ashley and Phyllis are waiting for the DNA results. She wishes she didn’t know who Adam really is – she’s implicit in his lie. There for a doctor appointment, Sage tells him the pregnancy is none of his business – don’t screw this up for me. Everything’s under control, Adam assures.

Knowing he can hear her, Phyllis promises to protect him – but she does’t trust Gabe and wishes she could hear what he was saying. She wonders what’s really going on between him and Victor. Wake up and tell me.

Marisa admits she lied about last night – her boyfriend belongs in a cell. She can’t go to the police. She hopes to stay in GC (and that her boyfriend won’t come back) But if she’s to survive Marisa needs a job.