Thursday, July 2nd

Tell me who shot you, Phyllis implores. Jack points at Victor but is only able to grunt dryly. As Phyllis runs to get help, Victor issues a warning in Spanish (assuming he’s taking to Marco) Don’t say a word – you got that?

Adam leads Marisa into the penthouse – You’re the one who called me? My worst enemy or best ally? Adam claims to be Gabe Bingham – now who the hell are you? Marisa knows who Adam is, and how he ‘died’ when his car hit a lake – and that’s what happened to Marco. Half Adam’s troubles are gone. And the other half? Standing right in front of you.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley hides the DNA results in her purse when Ben and Abby arrive – and tells them that the police have a suspect in Jack’s shooting. Who? Your Father, Ash stuns Abby.

In bed, Devon and Hilary are starting a new tradition to celebrate July 4th. Devon has plans – fireworks at Chancellor Park (and a chef-packed picnic basket) Sweet, but Hilary doesn’t need expensive things – and Devon only needs her ¬¨kiss¬¨ You need your family too – call them, Hilary knows the twins love Uncle Devon. No, he’d rather be with Hilary.

The Ashby family is at the club – Daddy took the twins to the parade, and now they want Mommy to sneak out for ice cream and fire works. Please Mommy. Oh all right. Nothing is more important than family, Lily agrees.

Victor warns ‘Marco’ to keep quite. The only one who knows I shot you is Bingham (who’s now CEO to keep him from going to the police) You didn’t! Jack is livid. The monitors beeping, Victor again warns Jack to shut up – and is standing over him with a pillow when Phyllis bursts in to shout ‘stay away from my husband!’

Phyllis shrieks – Are you trying to finish him off!? No, Victor was just trying to make Jack comfy – so he could breath. The doctor runs in to tend to Jack, and send Phyllis and Victor out.

Ashley tells Abby that Victor met Jack at the park. Yes. she thinks him capable of shooting Jack. You’re wrong! And Abby will prove it. Ben’s left to scold Ashley for being harsh – as if she’s punishing Abby. For what? For being with me.

Marisa wants to make sure Jack lives. You and Marco were partners – you don’t want Jack to wake up and tell everyone. Yes, Marco told her everything – the fake blood, you witnessing Victor shooting Jack, so Marco could disappear. Adam informs that he was blackmailed. Not scared of him, Marisa knows Victor made it possible for Marco to take Jack’s place. When Chelsea calls down, Marisa guesses his widow doesn’t know his true identity. Adam will help Marisa but she must leave, and let him do things his way. When Chelsea comes down, Adam has business to attend to – he’ll meet her and Connor at the park. I love you, he says with a kiss.

In the hallway, Vikki interrupts Victor and Phyllis; who updates that Jack’s awake and pointing out his shooter. If you don’t open your eyes, Victor will drag you down with him! Phyllis warns Vikki before stomping off.

Despite the club being fully booked, Noah manages to get Lily to free up a room for a special guest – it’s her first time in the US for July 4th. When the twins run to their Uncle Devon, Lily surprises everyone by agreeing they should watch the fireworks together. Cane never thought Lily would forgive them for cheating. God Bless America, he smiles as they follow behind.

Marissa arrives at the club – she can’t afford this place. Noah’s got it covered (and insists on helping the woman who’s used to taking care of herself) OK, but she’ll pay Noah back. She always repays her debts.