Tuesday, June 30th

Phyllis is at Jack’s bedside. What happened to your wedding ring? You better have a damn good excuse when you wake up. She hopes that one of the Newman’s comes forward with the truth about what Victor did to him.

Hello? We’re closed. Are you alright? Noah catches a soaking wet Marisa as she’s about to collapse at Underground.

On the CL’s patio, Vikki tells Billy that he and Phyllis need to stop accusing Victor of shooting Jack. She was with her Father at the time. Billy knows Vikki well enough to know she’s lying.

At GCM, Nikki tells Paul that Victor met Jack in the park. She’s mistaken, Victor claims. Paul wants to hear what Nikki has to say (and hears that Victor was aware that Jack called asking Nikki to meet him, and went in Nikki’s place) As Paul demands answers from Victor, Phyllis comes out to growl – you shot my husband! Victor continues to lie – he wouldn’t be there if he was the one who shoot Jack. Please, do your job and arrest him, Phyllis hisses at Paul.

Back at CL’s, Vikki denies Victor would kill a man in cold blood. Billy doesn’t believe her – but he knows all about lying to protect family. He went along with Jack’s plan to frame Victor for embezzlement. We’ve told the police that it was a computer glitch. Billy cares about what happens to Vikki – and what about the kids if she’s arrested for accessory to attempted murder? Your loyalty to Victor isn’t worth throwing your life away for. Vikki sticks with her story – Victor was with her.

Adam drops by the penthouse to update – they ditched the embezzlement plan and blamed it on a computer glitch. Good, Chelsea was never comfortable with framing Victor. Yeah, well, those charges have been dropped but he’s a prime suspect in a shooting.

Victor and his lawyer are in Paul’s office for questioning. Ignoring his lawyer’s advice, Victor admits he was aware of Jack’s call to Nikki – and he went to see Jack in the park.

Seated and wrapped in a blanket, Marisa sips coffee and notes that Noah has kind eyes. Exchanging names, she asks Noah not to call an ambulance. Are you in some kind of trouble? he asks.

Chelsea’s alarmed to hear how bad a shape Jack’s in, and how Adam found him (good thing he did) Victor’s being questioned – there’s bad blood between him and Jack. But they can’t see Victor as a murderer. He wonders if Jack will wake up, and what he’ll say.

Jack wanted Victor to promote Gabriel – it’s complex. Yes, Victor owns a gun, but it’s illegal to take it to the park. How long have he and Paul been friends? What reason would he have to want Jack Abbott dead? Is that rhetorical or should Paul list the reasons. I saved his life, Victor reminds – our business is doing well. I have no motive. Free to go, Victor hears about the anonymous tip. Once they find that person, Paul will have his answers.

Marisa’s not in trouble – she and her boyfriend got drunk and got into a fight. She tripped and fell into a fountain. Yes, the one in front of the bank. Her boyfriend left her with no money. She’s visiting from the country. Any good hostels or cheap hotels around here? Noah offers the couch upstairs – no strings attached. Marisa’s not used to generosity. Welcome to GC, Noah suggests she call her boyfriend to let him know she’s OK.

Billy and Vikki return to hear that Paul took Victor in for questioning (per Phyllis) Nikki relays what she told Paul. So, you weren’t with him, Billy’s not pleased with Vikki. No, it’s not complicated – were you with him all night or not? Vikki needs to speak to her Mother. I bet you do, Billy quips as he follows Phyllis into Jack’s room. Vikki’s left to hiss at her Mom – why would you do that? What the hell is wrong with you?

Chelsea’s sure Jack will wake up to tell the police exactly what happened in that park tonight. As she goes to make tea, Adam envisions how that might go. Jack wakes up and to say Victor shot him (and to stun everyone, especially Chelsea, with the news that he’s Victor’s son; Adam Newman!