Friday, July 3rd

I finally won Dad – Adam’s putting framed photos of Victor’s family away when Team Abbot marches in (including Neil and Chelsea) Adam’s called everyone in to announce there’ll be major shake ups around here.

Nick’s not thrilled that Vikki and Abby are meeting Mike at his club. When Mike arrives, Nick’s sisters defends dear ole Dad – it was self defense. And if Mike’s ‘best’ isn’t enough to prove that? Your Father spends the rest of his life behind bars.

At the station, Nikki clearly doesn’t believe Victor shot Jack in self defense (after first lying about even seeing him at the park)

Paul’s not at CL’s for coffee. Can Dylan give his Dad one good reason he shouldn’t arrest him right now!???

Avery approaches Lily – what happened to your face? Nothing, it’s fine. Lily thanks Avery for listening to her. You might not be after what I have to say. When talking to Paul, Lily sleeping with Joe came up. You told Paul!? Lily’s horrified – why would you do that!?

Sharon – Joe walks up behind her at the park. Whirling around, Sharon threatens him with a face full of mace if he takes on step closer.

Back at the station, Nikki WANTS to believe Victor; who insists that the Jack who merged the companies is not the same man they all know. Victor was protecting his family from a threat. Nikki didn’t have to blab to Paul. Victor would have protected HER – to the grave! And send Jack to HIS grave??? Yes, Victor agrees, if necessary!

Chelsea and Neil want to hear ‘Gabe’ out. Less cooperative, Ashley and Billy don’t want him making unilateral decisions. Each handed papers, Neil asks about the missing money. The ‘go-getter’ reminds that he’s CFO (F is for Financial). No – Adam’s now CFO. He’ll give Neil another title and responsibilities. If Adam’s ‘running this ship’ Neil ain’t waiting’ for a life preserver to save his ass – I quit!

The only way to prove Victor shot Jack in self defense is surveillance footage (which they don’t have) Vikki offers to testify (as that’s what Victor told her) Nick’s aghast that Vikki lied to the police. Mike can’t call her to the stand – lying makes Vikki a non-credible witness. After Mike leaves, Nick and his sisters butt heads over supporting Victor (he can’t get a pass for shooting an unarmed man) You should be there for him, Vikki snaps – and leaves Abby to take a softer approach with Nick (surely he knows deep down that Dad wouldn’t shoot Jack in cold blood)

Back at CL’s, Dylan guesses that Joe came crying to Paul. He merely interrogated him. You tied him up and tried to beat a confession out of him! What is the matter with you!? Committing a crime yourself won’t prove that. Even if Joe confessed, it wouldn’t hold up in court! Stop pulling crap like this! Dylan shouts back – someone has to do something. Joe’s free to attack Avery again!

Mace aimed at his face, Joe assures he won’t hurt Sharon. He didn’t attack Avery. He didn’t break the restraining order. Dylan didn’t tell you that he tied me up and tried to beat a confession out of me? Avery’s not the only victim here – you and I are. She wants revenge on me – and to take Dylan away from you.

Back at the club, Lily interrupts Avery – who finally cuts off her hissed tirade by informing that she was raped – Joe raped me. I met him in the park – to tell him to stay away from you. He caught up with me in the alley. Lily’s so sorry – she hates herself even more for sleeping with him. No! HE’s the one you should hate, Avery stresses.

At first Joe didn’t want to believe Avery was deliberately falsely accusing him – she’s snapped – crossed a line she herself never thought she’d cross.

Ashley balks – we can’t afford to lose key executives. Neil won’t be demoted – he earned his Masters from Stanford and has worked at NE longer than Adam’s been alive. HE’s never blackmailed anyone to get a job. Adam doesn’t appreciate the accusation – neither would Jack. Removing his tie, Neil walks out. Anyone want to follow him? Adam invites. No, Billy and Ashley are staying to keep an eye on Adam (who again reminds that he’s Jack’s son) Billy won’t believe this without a DNA test. Um – we have it, Ashley announces that Jack ran a test. This SOB is Jack’s son. Adam couldn’t be more smug or delighted.

Victor explains that things escalated – there’s things Nikki doesn’t know. Yes – because you won’t tell me!! You just tell lie after lie. THIS is why I keep falling off the wagon. That’s NOT why you fell off the wagon, Victor barks. He doesn’t give a rats ass if Nikki ‘can’t do this anymore’. Walk out that door! (Nikki does)