Monday, July 6th

Nick mopes into Underground to tell Sage that his sisters are firmly supporting their Dad – who claims he shot Jack in self defense. Why doesn’t he believe Victor? Because ‘Gabe’ says Jack was unarmed. Nick DID go to his Dad for the truth; one of them is lying. You were married to Gabe – would he tell a lie this big? Yes, Sage thinks him capable of it.

At Jack’s bedside, Adam updates that he made good on his promise to run the company – Victor handed him the keys. He hoped the Abbott’s would be more cooperative (since they think he’s one of them) When you pull through, which you will, I need you to back me up. Like hell he is, Kyle appears to snarl.

Phyllis arrives at Summer’s (who summoned her ‘urgently’ because her Mom needs to rest, eat, and talk to someone who knows exactly what you’re going through)

Still laying on the couch, Nikki coughs herself awake – where am I? Neil shows her the bottle; you nearly drank yourself to death …

Avery’s sure it was Joe who raped her. As Dylan hugs his weepy ex, Sharon arrives – Dylan? You don’t have to explain – I know exactly what Avery’s doing here. Cutting off Avery’s denial, Sharon announces that she too was raped – it was the worst time of her life.

At the club’s bar, Cane’s smiling – Lily’s not; she has a lot on her mind. He shows her a brochure – he’s planned a week in Tahiti. We leave tomorrow. Devon’s covering with the kids and work. There’s no reason we can’t go. Lily still doesn’t smile – you won’t want to go on vacation with me once I tell you ‘what’s wrong’. What’s the matter? I’ve been unfaithful, Lily admits.

Unfaithful? Twice rejecting Lily’s attempt to sequester him in her office, Cane’s stunned to hear that she got drunk after seeing footage of him entering Lauren’s suite. She wanted to get back at him. Who was it? Joe Clark. Yes, Cane’s angry, but he messed up by kissing Lauren, so can forgive Lily for kissing Joe ~hug~ It was more that just a kiss, Lily weeps. You slept with him? Cane’s stunned (and disgusted)

At CL’s, Sharon talks about how she withdrew from the people who loved her and became depressed. She eventually told Chris but it was too late to press charges. She’s proud of Avery for coming forward and hopes she gets the justice she deserves. You should talk to someone; Sharon counseled other rape victims, and is more than willing to help Avery (who looks uncomfortable)

Back at Underground, Sage warns Nick not to underestimate Gabriel; he might have hidden Jack’s gun in his plan to get back at Victor. Nick’s bothered that Gabe compared him to his Dad (who’s disappointed him so many times) And he knows he wouldn’t be Victor’s first choice. If Adam were alive, he’d have gone to him for help. They didn’t butt heads because they were different, but because they were the same.

Kyle accuses ‘Gabe’ of badgering his Dad. This phony vigil if for appearances only; to be the ‘best’ son. You’ve already won – you can leave now. Adam understands why Kyle’s upset – but he’s not ready to run the company. He’s taking over for their Father’s sake; doing what’s best for the company and the family. Kyle’s sure that when Jack wakes up, it’ll be out of ‘Gabe’s hands.

Nikki’s in her hospital bed, getting a scolding from the doctor. Neil’s relived she’ll be staying overnight. Mrs Newman needs to stay away from alcohol; permanently, the doctor leaves Nikki to thank Neil for saving her life. One day at a time, he reminds. Nikki asks that he not tell her family. Let them be here for you. Neil believes the people who know you best can give you what you need the most.

Summer was afraid to leave her Mom when SHE was in a coma, but Phyllis must take care of herself. Phyllis wants Victor to rot – and is pissed that Vikki and Nikki tried to cover for him. Refreshed by the massage and chat (and declining soup) Phyllis heads back to be with Jack.