Monday, July 13th

Shattered glass at her feet, Chelsea insists she knows exactly what ‘Gabe’ said – here’s a toast to me, Adam Newman.

Victor tells Chris that he told the truth – he shot Jack in self defense. He’s not interested in her deal of pleading guilty to a lesser charge or having his lawyer present.

As Phyllis puzzles over Jack scrawling a ‘2’ on her pad. a nurse calls Victor’s cop friend to update that’s he’s telling his wife something. Phyllis brainstorms, frustrated. There’s two of us,

Jack thinks – we must stop him. Phyllis calls for help as the monitors alert that Jack’s in distress. The nurse hangs up to join a doctor at Jack’s side.

In Joe’s suite, Paul lays out all the evidence on Avery’s rapist – we’ve got him. He instructs a cop to collect all the evidence in this room – a crime’s been committed. You’re not going to arrest Avery, Dylan’s disbelief. Absolutely, Paul responds (as Avery looks traumatized)

You got me – I got plastic surgery – I’m an identity thief, Adam jokes – he’s had too much to drink and was trying to get a rise out of ole Lurch (the portrait) How do you know that name? Chelsea demands the truth – or she’s walking away for good. OK – it’s me, Adam. Chelsea gasps.

Adam’s telling Chelsea the truth. They ID’d the body – dental records matched, she stammers. The records were falsified, Adam explains how Gabe lost his life saving him. He had third degree burns all over his body. Sage paid the coroner to falsify the documents – for Constance. No, Adam wouldn’t do that – he’d come back to me and his son, Chelsea doesn’t believe Gabe. You know it’s true, Adam insists – you knew it was me when we made love. He talks about the Norman Rockwell book he bought her – we can be that family – look at me. In tears, Chelsea hugs him.

As the doctor tells Phyllis that Jack’s stable but still in a coma and unresponsive, the nurse listens intently. He was communicating with me, Phyllis insists. OK, the important thing is that he’s still here with us. He’ll come back and tell us who did this to him, she weeps.

Back at the station, Victor knows Chris has no proof – and no motive. The ‘eye witness’ profits with him out of the way. Mike will shred Gabe on the stand – your case has no legs. Victor declines Chris’ offer of a plea bargain.

Paul and Dylan butt heads over him charging Avery (who then chimes in to say Paul must do this by the book – so he doesn’t get sued again) When Dylan wonders if Joe, the victim, can have the charges dropped, Paul states that the club suffered damages and will have to be compensated.. But they might drop the charges if Joe does. Dylan challenges him – whaddaya say Joe? You gonna drop the charges against Avery?

Phyllis is disappointed that Jack’s no longer squeezing – but assumes he’s tired. We’ll figure this out later (the 2 Jack wrote)

Joe’s pissed. Dylan’s worried about Avery’s career!? He’s been tied to a chair, falsely accused of rape! 5 minutes ago, he had a gun pointed at his head! You’re really going to make this about you? Dylan scoffs. I’m the victim here! Joe yells. I was raped jackass! Avery finally speaks. Mike arrives -he wants a word with his client – alone please.