Tuesday, July 14th

I did it – Adam updates the comatose Jack; he told Chelsea. She’s pissed but doesn’t seem to have told the cops. Hopefully she just needs time to herself. The whole cover up was for her and Connor; so we could be a family. Now the one person Adam ‘risked everything for’ could be talking to the cops right now.

Chelsea’s not with the cops – she’s at Underground to confront Sage; don’t come near me. I know. Know what? The truth about Adam. He told me everything – how you helped him take Gabe’s identity. Step back! I do NOT want to slap a pregnant woman in the face!

In Victor’s office, Phyllis has updated Ashley on Jack’s confusing but clear communication – Victor didn’t intend to shoot him – but didn’t shoot him in self defense? Needing proof, Phyllis wants Ashley to go to Victor. It’s their best shot. Nick saunters into the office to vow he won’t let them make things even worse for his Dad.

In the interrogation room, Victor’s happy to hear that Vikki and Nick are working together to protect the company against ‘Gabe’. It gives him hope.

Adam continues to whine to Jack; he had it all – but not really, it was a bunch of lies. He’s not sure whether to be scared or relieved (but looks more scared when Billy comes in – I knew I’d find you hear)

Victor’s not impressed to hear that Billy’s in on the plan, but Abby isn’t – she’s enjoying her promotion. And how’s she doing? Vikki sneers at her. Victor only cares that Gabe will think he’s got another ally in Abby. His only focus is ousting Gabe and putting the Newman’s back where they belong.

Phyllis is left to update Nick – does the ‘2’ mean anything to you? Has Victor mentioned it? No – Nick would have told her. Would you? Phyllis wonders. Nick wants to help – did Jack indicate anything else? Yes – he wan’t the intended target – Victor came to shoot someone else. Phyllis has a theory on who that was – but needs proof.

Ashley visits Victor – she’s genuinely concerned about him, but upset about her brother (which she believes Victor is too) No, Ashley hasn’t washed her hands of Victor (who’s surprised to hear it)

Billy’s accepted having to work for Gabe – and that he’s with Chelsea – but not how he’s used Jack’s shooting to his advantage (and how you pretend to care about him) You barely even know him. Billy can’t lose his brother like he lost Delia. Adam knows about loss and is truly sorry about what happened to Billy’s daughter.

Chelsea hasn’t told anyone the truth – yet. And sees she’s not getting any answers from Sage (who’s admitted she’s always been afraid it would come out) Can’t you see it? The one truth is that Adam loves you. Sage didn’t understand that kind of love, but now does. Yes, because of Nick. Now she’s carrying a baby she never thought she’d have. If Chelsea tells everyone, she’ll lose everything. Sage pleads – don’t do that to me. It won’t help Billy. Sage is sorry – but please don’t make Nick and our baby pay for my mistakes. Sorry, but Chelsea can’t make any promises.

Phyllis lays out her theory; Victor meant to shoot Gabe and Jack took a bullet for his son. That lying snake has been in the middle of this from the beginning. Nick’s not convinced – Victor insists he shot Jack in self defense. There’s NO way they’re in on this together – they hate each other. Phyllis is sure she’s on to something – she didn’t ‘misinterpret’ Jack. I love him so much, she weeps, then lashes out; I didn’t misinterpret anything! Nick believes his Dad’s story. And Phyllis believes he’ll regret trusting Victor.