Friday, July 10th

Maybe an employee has the gun? Sharon suggests. Baffled for a minute, Dylan suddenly realizes who does have it.

We have to finish this, Avery shows up at Joe’s door. Finish what? The whole thing – she hates the tension – it’s gotta end – tonight. Joe steps aside to let her into his suite.

You’re becoming quite the regular, Sage serves Mike a drink. She’s excited about being a Mother but her life’s messed up right now. Yes, because of Gabe; the star witness against her baby’s grandfather. Are you here to drink or grill me? Sage asks. A bit of both – what does Gabe have against Victor??? Mike wonders.

Still locked in Victor’s office, Adam rejects yet another mission statement. Nick, Vikki, Billy and even Chelsea are exhausted. She accidentally comes up with the ‘perfect’ words; we’re creating a new company for a new generation. That’s it – you’re a genius! Adam praises her.

Taking a seat at Jack’s bedside to scold him for going to the park. Marisa didn’t help him get to GC to die in a hospital bed. Wake up and reclaim your life. Phyllis appears – who the hell are you and what are you doing with my husband????

A new company for a new generation. Nick thinks it sounds like a soft drink ad. Vikki and Billy grudgingly approve it. Adam talks about uniting for their children and generations beyond that. See you bright and early tomorrow – good job team. Now alone, Chelsea kisses Adam. Yes, he knows it’ll take a lot more to win those three over.

It’s no secret – Gabe blames Victor for his Father’s death, Sage explains. They were close. But Jack’s his Daddy now – why does Gabe hate Victor even more? Mike’s told to Gabe. Mike tried that but did some digging of his own. Before Gabe showed up in GC, he was off the grid for a year. He was caring for his grandmother, Sage claims. Mike has to wonder how a loving grandson turned into a ruthless manipulator.

Noah finds Marisa being interrogated by Phyllis, a guard on stand by. Yes, he knows this woman – he got a message she cut her hand on broken glass. Skeptical, Phyllis grabs her hand – did you really cut yourself? Marisa’s pained yelp indicates she did.

Joe pours drinks (which Avery gulps down) Yes, she wants an end to this. Joe offers to drop the suit against Paul and Dylan if she rescinds her accusation of rape. After he pours more drinks, Joe turns around to find a gun aimed at his chest.

Impound the car – bring him in, Paul orders a clean arrest. After hanging up, he updates Dylan and Sharon; his officers interrupted an assault in progress. The attacker was wearing a ski mask like the one Avery described. He’s checking DNA against that found in Avery’s case. This is why Paul preached patience to Avery. That’s why Dylan and Sharon are there – Avery has his gun.

Shut up and sit down! Avery orders Joe – she wants this to end. You are NOT getting away with this!!

When Mike asks Sage what ended her marriage to Gabe, she turns it around his HIS marriage. He’s sorry he asked. OK he’s not. He admires her loyalty to Gabe, even if it is incredibly misguided.

Back at NE, Adam talks about those trying to overthrow him; Nick’s undoing will be his conscience, Vikki her loyalty to her Dad. Billy’s weakness? His love for Vikki. Chelsea wonders how he knows so much about everyone. What’s your secret?

Phyllis apologizes. No need – Jack’s lucky to have you on his side. How’d you know his name? You said it when you walked in, Marisa reminds. After she and Noah leave, Phyllis asks Jack if this woman knows him. Was that a yes? (he’s gripped her hand)