Tuesday, July 14th

Ashley tries to guilt Victor – Abby’s throwing herself into work because she’s upset about this whole thing between him and Jack. It’s hard for all of them – to think that Jack might die, and Victor might go to prison for it – it’s horrible. Does Ashley believe Victor? Not really, it’s hard to believe he felt so threatened he had to shoot Jack. But it’s hard to believe he went to the park to kill him. So you want answers? Damn right (Ashley does) Victor invites her to ‘ask away’.

Making nice with Billy, Adam says a few nice words to Jack (about all he has to live for) and leaves Billy to hope Jack wakes up and sees ‘Gabe’ for who he is – a guy who doesn’t care about anybody but himself. In the hallway, Adam makes a call – gather everyone at the office for an emergency meeting. I have an announcement that can’t wait.

Ashley relays everything Jack ‘told’ Phyllis via hand squeezes. Tell me the whole story. Did you go to shoot someone else and Jack got in the way?? Victor doesn’t appreciate the accusations – it was self defense. Like Phyllis, Ashley believes there’s more to it. Victor thinks it absurd. If this little piece of paper with a ‘2’ on it meant anything, wouldn’t the police be asking him about it? Phyllis is lowing her mind – be careful she doesn’t pull you in with her.

Phyllis is back with Jack – we’ll unlock this mystery, she vows. What does this number mean? 2 guns? 2 people? 2 sides to the story? If it’s not Gabe, who is it? Am I reading too much into this? Holding Jack’s hand, Phyllis could really use his help.

At CL’s, Billy relays his odd encounter with Gabe to Vikki – he was compassionate about Delia, genuine. He seemed worried – burdened – like he felt guilty and wanted to come clean.

Adam’s not at the penthouse to ask Chelsea what she’s going to do – he’s called a meeting and will face the consequences. It’s unfair to put Chelsea in that position. It’s my secret – my problem. What changed Adam’s mind? The pain in Billy’s eyes over losing Delia. He won’t rat Billy out for shooting him. It’s about what I did, not what he did. Adam didn’t confess to Billy then because he may have turned him in right away. And first, Adam has something to ask Chelsea ….

Phyllis prattles on to Jack – I miss you – give me a sign. Ashley joins her – Victor’s sticking to his self defense claim. Keep trying, Phyllis encourages. No, he won’t confide in me – he doesn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth, Ashley’s sad to report.

Gabe seemed guilty? Vikki’s not swayed by Billy’s encounter with the sociopath who had no problem lying about Victor shooting Jack. My Father WILL prove his innocence. They bicker over Vikki’s blind spot where Victor’s concerned (and Billy’s inability to consider that he might be telling the truth) Both get a text (Gabe’s meeting) and remind themselves that they’re putting their differences aside to rid themselves of their common enemy (who seems about to make a big move)

Back at the penthouse, Adam wants to see Connor one more time before he confesses. He’d appreciate if Chelsea brought him to visit him (in prison). Chelsea can’t commit to that right now – but of course she’ll think about it. Holding her hands, Adam’s relieved that the truth is out. Chelsea always felt ‘Gabe’ was holding something back. I love you, Adam says – he’s so sorry for all he’s put her through since the night of Delia’s accident. Now he’ll do right by her and their son.

Nick finds Sage wiping away tears. She’s nervous. About what? The future. Everything’s going to change. Assuming she’s referring to having a baby, Nick assures they’ll be be great together. I love you Nick. I love you – I absolutely love you, Nick repeats with a hug. Now what’s this insecurity about? Nick knows it’s more – what’s going on?