Tuesday, July 14th

Victor’s walls are up, Ashley and Phyllis know that there’s only one person he’ll confide the truth to – Nikki.

You called for me Mr Newman? There’s something else I need you to do, Victor tells his pliable cop friend.

Vikki and Billy leave CL’s for the office – wondering what this big announcement is and sure they won’t like it.

Nick gets a call from work – he’s busy right now. OK – I’m on my way ~click~ Gabe’s called an emergency meeting, Nick informs Sage as he stands. Before you go, there’s something you need to know, Sage stops him.

Chelsea watches as Adam chatters to Connor (who adorably repeats Mamma) You’re going to have a wonderful life, full of love and happiness – that’s what your Mom wants too – you’re lucky to have such a wonderful Mom (like I did. My Dad wasn’t around – I never wanted that for you) I’ll be thinking about you and your Mom – I love you. Chelsea looks increasingly sad as she meets Adam’s eyes over Connor’s head.

Next: Phyllis appeals to Nikki – Nobody can get the truth out of Victor, nobody but you … Who the hell are you? My name’s Marisa – turns out we have a mutual friend … Gabriel Bingham is gone as of now, Adam tells the assembled Abbott’s and Newman’s.

My Thoughts: Today’s show gets a 9/10 for suspense. It’s frustrating how everyone (mostly otherwise intelligent women) are so easily bamboozled by Victor. he scoffs at Phyllis little piece of paper – telling Ashley that the cops would be asking about it if it were important. But why would he assume that Phyllis has even gone to the police with it. Why wouldn’t Ashley set him straight? The Chief of Police doesn’t have time to investigate an attempted murder, not one that doesn’t involve Dylan … Adam may be sincere in his love for Chelsea and Connor, but he was very clearly playing on her emotions today. Adam’s actually a very interestingly written character – he has the complexity that Victor used to embody. Him saying that he’s done everything for Chelsea and Connor is absolute BS – BUT – he made those claims to Jack, whom he believes is in a coma he might not wake up from. This implies that Adam actually believes his own lies – his need to manipulate is ingrained, almost subconscious. And knowing how dangerous it would be for Jack to wake up, Adam has not hinted at killing him. Victor, on the other hand, knows that he’s lying (as does most he lies to) He constantly claims he wouldn’t kill Jack in cold blood – yet are we expected to believe he didn’t plan to suffocate Jack with a pillow when he woke up? Jack was loudly croaking and trying to communicate. He hardly needed an extra pillow to get more comfy … It would add an extra twist if Chelsea stopped Adam from making his announcement – but it comes out anyway thanks to Sage fessing up to Nick … First worried that Chelsea might have already gone to the police, Adam must know that someone at the meeting definitely will, why hasn’t he retained a good lawyer already? … It’s a bit odd that Ashley knows Jack’s been able to communicate through hand squeezes but hasn’t sat down to see if Jack will squeeze HER hand. In fact, when in his room, Ashley doesn’t address Jack at all. For the most part, it’s like he’s not even there… Is anyone else expecting Dr Stitch Rayburn to stroll into Jack’s room with a clpboard at any given moment? Of course he’ll pick up right where he left off when reinstated – not emptying bedpans or drawing blood…. Vikki seems proud that she and Nick have convinced ‘Gabe’ that they’re too dysfunctional to be a threat. Doesn’t she realize that it was SO easy because they ARE too dysfunctional? … Phyllis and Ashley really made Nick look like an idiot. JM’s facial expressions are quite good; especially dumb and dimples.