Wednesday, July 15th

Back at CL’s, Summer teases Noah on taking in strays – even if Marisa is scorching hot. What does Noah know about her? She wasn’t raised like you and me – but Noah only cares that she does a good job cutting lemons.

Marisa knows all about Marco and what Victor did to his friend Jack. Marco may have told you I died – but that’s not the case. Did the others survive? Victor asks. You mean Jack – but you won’t say his name Marisa scoffs – you ask questions but offer nothing in return. Marisa will come back another time. Don’t play games with me, Victor warns. I’m late for work, Marisa snarls before slamming out.

Abby doesn’t know why everyone’s freaking out – Dad isn’t. Because he’s got other things to worry about, Vikki reminds – like Gabe. Nick and Ashley arrive (not surprised that Gabe’s the topic of conversation) As all bicker, Ashley pulls Abby aside – the company needs a leader with experience. And call Ben – he has news to tell you. Adam interrupts. What’s this about? all wonder. The future, Adam replies.

Nikki visits Victor, hoping he’s ready to be honest with her. Have I ever not been honest with you? It was all for your safety? That woman who just left? A reporter; not important. How are you? This meeting is not about me (Nikki asks why Jack would write a ‘2’) Victor’s annoyed – Phyllis and Ashley sent you, didn’t they? Because they know I love you.

At Underground, Sage pens a letter – by now you know I protected Adam and his secret, I don’t deserve forgiveness. I love you no matter where I am. I will keep loving you. The envelope addressed to Nick is left between some bottles on the bar. Sage leaves Marisa to take over until Noah gets in. Marisa immediately finds the envelope.

Adam tells the puzzled (and impatient) group that this is personal. If it’s not about work, Nick doesn’t feel the need to be there. It’s about who I am – Gabriel Bingham is gone as of now. Stop – not another word, Chelsea appears to interrupt.

What are you doing? Adam doesn’t want Chelsea here for this – it has to happen. Yes, we agreed, she says – that I would take on a bigger role on in the company. This has to happen, Adam insists. Does it GABE? The gang grumbles – this is unprofessional and unproductive. Were you just about to step down? No – it was about restructuring. It involves Chelsea so I need her input, Adam lies. You two deserve each other, Billy quips as he exits. While Ashley pressures Abby to go see Ben, Adam’s left to ask Chelsea why she stopped him.

Marisa replaces the envelope as Noah comes back to rub her the wrong way. Mumbling something about him thinking she’s lying, Marisa leaves Noah to also find the envelope addressed to Nick.

Everything I do is to protect the family, Victor repeats. Nikki’s not buying it – Jack wouldn’t hurt anyone. Victor shot that man in self defense. But Jack wasn’t armed. Victor claims that Gabriel took Jack’s gun to make it look like the shooting was unprovoked. So Jack’s crazy and Gabe’s a conniving lunatic? Ignoring that question too, Victor tells Nikki to find out where Gabe’s hiding the other gun.

At the club, Abby’s excited about Ben’s news – and so is my Mom (she thinks it awkward that Ashley once again heard news before her) Taking a seat, she whines about her family drama – Gabe, the freak, is the only one on her side. Ben’s on her side – champagne? Later – Abby has a meeting. She’ll even spring for the second bottle. Yeah, that’s not gonna work at all, Ben says.

At Underground, Vikki and Billy discuss undermining Gabe. Distracted, Nick talks to Noah about Sage being stressed, and Gabe postponing his meeting (and announcement) When he finds Sage, Nick’s taking off. Overhearing, Marisa suddenly feels sick and must leave.

Still at NE, Chelsea’s dreamt of having Adam back. I’m here. No, it was a lie. You had many opportunities to tell me. Adam was going to tell everyone, but YOU came and covered for me. Chelsea did that for them – you’ll destroy everything for all of them (plus Sage) They don’t deserve more pain. You sure you’re not doing it for you? Because you realize you DO want me in your life? Adam challenges.

The champagne is for Abby – Ben pushes the flute over; he has a shift at GCM later. He’s not thrilled about Abby meeting with crude warehouse workers. So, no, he’s not going to the gym, he’ll stay in the dining room to step in if need be.

Back at GCM, Ashley reports that the meeting was a waste of time – Gabe’s cracking. Nikki toddles over to say that Victor’s not pleased they sent her to question him. Well Ashley’s not too pleased that her brother’s been shot. Nikki relays Victor’s belief that Gabe’s hidden a gun. Phyllis and Ashley brainstorm, but it’s Nikki who guesses the gun is hidden in Chelsea’s penthouse.

Did you do what I asked? They’ll find it, the cops assures. Good man – thank you, Victor praises.