Wednesday, July 15th

Knowing that Gabe has no friends so confides in Chelsea, Vikki thinks she might need a friend too – someone to talk to (that someone being Billy) Nick joins them, mildly worried that he hasn’t been able to find Sage. Vikki’s sure she’s just taking a nap. Behind the bar, Noah opens the envelope addressed to Nick; it’s invoices (though he’s still suspicious)

Marisa catches up to Sage at the park. You can’t go. Are you following me? You dropped this (Marisa has her letter to Nick) What are you doing with this?! Marisa tells Sage that Adam didn’t say anything. Who are you? Sage wonders. It’s better you don’t know – we all have secrets – Jack and Victor too. Adam isn’t the only one. Sage looks baffled.

This isn’t about romance, Chelsea makes clear – people have suffered because of your choices – Chelsea won’t add to that. Adam’s sorry, he’ll do whatever it takes to make things up to her. Chelsea reasons aloud – Sage is having a baby with a man who cares about her – Billy will never get over losing Delia, but he thinks you’re dead and can’t hurt anyone else. Plus Billy might go to prison for shooting Adam (his kids deserve a father) Does Connor deserve hHIS Father? You’re Gabe Bingham. You don’t have a son or a wife – my husband is dead. That’s how we play this, Chelsea walks out.

Next: Lily questions Joe – Was it Cane? Did he hit you? He deserves a hell of a lot more than that, Cane appears to say…. At Jack’s side, Phyllis needs to know if she did the right thing by telling Nikki that he owns a gun … Adam, Paul and Chelsea are all stunned when Victor’s hired cop finds a gun at the penthouse.

My Thoughts: As usual, Summer looks like she smells something bad. What face will she pull if she really has to act like she smells something bad? She does WAY more whining about being in the middle of their families, than actually BEING with anyone in her family. As one of Victor’s few supporters, she hasn’t even gone to visit him …. I hope Victor’s cop gets caught. Where’s Detective Harding when you need him? Either let the actor go or start giving him scenes. It’s stupid to have him pop in every few months like he’s just gone out for donuts. He’s a good actor, a gruff but likeable character, and not hard on the eyes. He could carry a romance with any number of GC’s ladies. Alas, if the writers can’t think of what to do with Kevin, I don’t hold out much hope for Harding. Both would preferable to watching Dylan and Ben. Since when is panting a sign that someone’s excited by good news. Perhaps Ben should check his blood pressure or his lung capacity. He’s gasping like he’s been running laps around GCM and then to the club … There’s absolutely NO way I can muster up any interest for a Ben/Abby/Ashley triangle. I’ll be the one in need of brain surgery if that’s where we’re headed (get it? headed? ha ha) .. How does Abby know Victor’s not freaking out about her being COO? She hasn’t visited him. Who’s Vikki to comment that neither Gabe or Chelsea have any friends to talk to? Where are all HER friends? … Sage and Marisa have to be the worst employees ever. Those lemons aren’t gonna slice themselves ladies!!!