Wednesday, July 22

No time for spellcheck or proof reading.

Jack is livid – never in his darkest nightmares did he imagine the lengths Victor would go to to get what he wanted; having a vicious criminal take his place, sleep with his wife. Don’t tell me to calm down! I call the shots now, NOT YOU!!!

Phyllis finds Billy at the office. So, Gabe’s not Jack’s son after all. What do we do? Bide our time? No, we get rid of him now by proving he’s not an Abbott – lets run our own DNA test. Outside the door, Chelsea listens.

Summer and Kyle’s kissing is interrupted by Kevin and Mariah’s loud banging on the door. They bring big news; Kevin’s discovered a connection between Noah’s new favourite person and the murders.

In the park, Marisa reads the file Noah was given on her. She denies any connection to the murders – she wasn’t even in town, but Marco was.

Abby will be happier when she’s back in the bed she shares with Ben. When ‘Gabe’ drops by, she gets stink eye from Ben when she expresses the desire to get back to work. Oh, maybe I need a couple of days, she amends – that is if she has a job after the warehouse deal. Adam looks clueless.

Kevin hands over a yellow envelope as he updates Summer and Kyle on Marisa’s connection to Marco Anniselli. She may be the murderer, Mariah chimes in. Kevin doesn’t agree – but wants Summer and Kyle to back him up (which they refuse to do)

Marisa tells Noah that Marco was in town months before she was. A friend told her. Why was Marisa soaking wet? Marco lost control of the car – he drowned in Lake Delaney. Noah wants to call the police. No – Marco’s people will kill her.

Adam agrees it wasn’t the best deal – don’t worry about Billy; he’s trying to make you look bad (which makes ME look bad) I have faith in you – I believe in you. Thank you, Abby smiles. As Adam exits to visit Jack, Ben tells him that Jack needs rest tonight. Doctor’s orders? Or Ashley’s bidding? Doctor’s orders. Chelsea then calls – come to my place – you’re in serious trouble.

Jack wonders if the plan was to keep him on that island until he died. And it’s sick that he used Kelly’s broken mind. You took me to hell; put me through hell and back. You’ll pay for it now. Victor denies having anything to do with it – perhaps it was Kelly and Marco. Jack doesn’t believe it – it’s always about you. What was the plan when you shot me in the park. Whoa – Victor thought it was Marco – that he was reaching for a gun. Why did you bring him to town!? Why did you do any of this???? A year ago, Victor became aware of a plot against him; the Paragon Project. How’d you know about that? Jack wonders who told him. That doesn’t matter – Victor had to defend his company, his family. Think of the blood on YOUR hands – think about that before deciding how much of this story you want the world to know.

Victor points out that Jack’s responsible for Kelly’s death – as well as a dozen sailors on the ship that blew up. Does Jack want those sordid details known to the world. Maybe Jack will be extradited to the island to face a jury – perhaps the death sentence.

Noah wants to take care of Marisa, but his friends may have already gone to the police. Don’t run off, Noah wants a chance to make this right. Marisa promises not to leave.