Thursday, July 23rd

Delighted to find Jack awake, Ashley praises Phyllis. Are you strong enough to tell us what happened? That’s what Paul would like to know. The ladies leave the Chief to ask Jack whether Victor should be put away for attempted murder.

In the hallway, Adam gets a frosty welcome from Phyllis and Ashley. He can’t visit Jack – it’s family ONLY. Beside’s, he’s in with Paul – are you hoping Jack’s covering your ass?? Is that what you’re worried about? If Victor doesn’t go down for this, you will.

At the club, Neil updates Nikki – Jack’s awake. She’s thrilled. But that brings another dilemma – Nikki will soon know whether Victor’s been lying to her.

In Victor’s office, Vikki updates Abby that Gabe’s a fraud – she’ll have to step down now. I wouldn’t give your sister the pink slip just yet, Victor appears to put a grin on Abby’s face.

At Underground, Sage hides an envelope from the lab. Nick appears to ask – were you ever gonna tell me??

Jack tells Paul that he reached for his gun to lay it down – Victor didn’t know that, so shot him. Mr Bingham claims you were unarmed, Paul relays. Jack didn’t even know Gabe was there. Tired out, Jack can’t answer more questions, but agrees that this didn’t need to happen. Glad to find Gabe in the hallway, Paul needs him to come to the station. But instead of following, he darts into Jack’s room. Jack tells Phyllis and Ashley that it’s OK – he needs a word with his ‘former son’.

Vikki and Abby jostle for position as Victor takes a seat behind his desk. Vikki snidely mentions the warehouse deal – but Abby insists no ‘damage control’ needs to be done. Victor updates that Gabe’s not Jack’s son – or CEO. As for the warehouse deal, he wouldn’t have been as generous, but Abby did save money on the truckers contract. He’s proud of Abby, who’ll remain as COO. A miffed Vikki is reminded that she’s Victor’s right hand; she has more power than anyone. Abby’s happy, Vikki not so much.

Nick took a message regarding a doctor’s appointment – this babydaddy wants to be involved in everything. OK, Sage wants him in the examination room for today’s appointment. As she gets to work on doing inventory, Nick finds an envelope from the DNA lab, and wastes no time opening it.

Ashley and Phyllis reluctantly leave (warning ‘Gabe’ not to tax Jack) Shutting the door, Adam wonders why Jack’s letting Victor off the hook and selling him down the river – you didn’t have a gun that night. Jack’ pissed – Victor hired someone to take my place – to ruin my life, my company. And you let him you sonofabitch!

Back at the club, Nikki wonders if Jack was threatening Victor’s life (and I told Paul he was guilty) As Neil defends her decision, Victor appears. He came to give her the good news – Jack’s awake; he’ll clear things up with Paul. Gabe Bingham is a liar, he’s not even Jack’s son – he’s stepped down as CEO. Nikki feels guilty. Neil reminds that Victor lied about that night – at first he denied pulling the trigger. And Victor reminds that they’ve already had one altercation about Neil butting his nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Jack lashes out at Adam (who explains that he thought Jack was dead) How long did you mourn before making a deal with TWO devils; Victor and Marco!? You blackmailed Victor while I lay on the ground bleeding. Victor did this – why are you covering for him and that thug? Adam’s baffled. Marco lived MY life – with MY wife. Jack can’t tell her. She CAN’T know. Someone needs to tell the police, Adam says. No, do that and Jack will tell the world he’s Adam Newman.

Sage finds Nick pouting – is there anyone else you want to tell about this appointment? Like maybe Gabriel? What are you saying? Sage looks busted. Nick holds up the yellow envelope.

Sage stammers – every time she thought she had the words …. Nick sums it up – you slept with Gabe didn’t you? Once – after you said we couldn’t be together. Sage felt guilt, shame and regret. In her heart, she knew Nick was this baby’s Father – it can’t be Gabe’s. What does the paper say? Please tell me you’re the baby’s Father.