Tuesday, July 21st

At Underground, Noah mopes over his last text from Courtney – C U later for the best night of our lives. As Mariah hovers, Kevin tells Noah that they need to talk – he’s checked Marisa’s background; there’s something about her you need to know.

In Marisa’s suite, Victor says he thought Jack died in the boat explosion. Nope – she and Jack are very much alive. In fact Jack blew up the boat to escape. Marisa overheard Marco’s plan – and Jack insisted on going to the park to see what was going on. Victor points out that he was provoked to shoot Jack.

Billy’s already left to do some digging – about Gabe not being Jack’s son (if that’s what he’s saying) The monitors start beeping as Jack convulses (alarming Phyllis)

When Kyle and Summer visit Abby, the topic is why Ben’s taking so long. She’s anxious to get her paperwork. Ben is NOT her ‘errand boy’ – he’s supportive (unlike Kyle) But what’s taking Ben so long???

Ashley really needs to get back to the hospital – and Ben needs to pick up that paperwork. Glued to the park bench, they’re about to kiss when Ben’s summoned for an emergency. Nothing happened here, Ashley stammers. Never mind that – we need to go! Ben leads the way.

Why would Kevin do a background check? Because Mariah was being a concerned sister. Noah’s pissed – why shouldn’t he move on? His fiance is gone! Mariah’s not questioning his right to think about Marisa naked. It’s about who Marisa is. Mariah had Kevin work his magic – family looks out for each other. Kevin interjects – no, Marisa may not hurt Noah – but what about her murdering drug dealer she’s connected to?

Marisa ends her story with Marco being at the bottom of a lake. Why is she telling Victor all this? Perhaps, she plans to blackmail him? No – she’d never do that. Yeah, but what about Jack; he’ll have a story to tell if he wakes up.

As Ben works on Jack, Ashley reassures Phyllis in the hallway – it’s not your fault (for pushing Jack too hard) Phyllis appreciates Ashley’s support – good thing you were with Ben when they called him in.

Ben updates the nurse that Jack’s stable, then sits to tell Jack that he knows he’s communicating with Phyllis and Ashley. If you hear me, squeeze my hand. Cane you hear me? Jack opens his eyes and says ‘loud and clear Doc’

‘Abs’ continues to whine about Ben taking so long. Kyle knows she’s looking for a way to break her deal, not finalize it (Billy told him she gave the warehouse workers too much) It was a good deal. SHE is COO. Yes, for all of 10 minutes. As opposed to Kyle who’s been COO never. Summer referees; lets just be grateful that Abby’s OK. Kyle agrees – the family has enough trouble.

Marisa doubts anyone would believe Jack’s crazy story. Victor warns her not to underestimate Jack – and what happens now is none of her concern. She won’t accept Victor’s money to leave town and start fresh. THIS is her new start – with the people she cares about. Like my rich grandson? Victor smirks.

Noah already knows that Marisa is connected to Marco Anniselli (through her ex) but that’s not a crime – she wants to start over. She’s been upfront with me. Oh but she did lie, Kevin claims – her ex boyfriend isn’t connected to Marco Anniselli – he IS Marco Anniselli.

Once the tests come back, Ben will see about getting Jack out of bed and mobile. He’ll go get Phyllis and Ashley. No – Jack doesn’t want them to know yet, it’s not safe. He’s not worried about himself, he’s worried about his family. Ben says they need to know.