Wednesday, July 29th

When Lauren wheels a rack of wedding dresses into Hilary’s suite, Devon’s sent packing.

Lily sarcastically tells Collin to go get Cane drunk – again. When Devon appears, Collin decides he needs a bachelor party – NOW.

Lily basically tells Joe that Cane’s a jealous idiot – then accepts his invitation to join him for dinner !?

At the station, Kevin takes some ribbing from Harding, before he and Mariah claim to know who killed Austin (the killer’s back and ready to strike again)

Marisa is a good person – and so’s Noah. No, there’s nothing Marisa hasn’t told Noah about Marco.

Nikki continues to work on Neil – forget revenge, she needs him as her sponsor after all (it is all about Nikki after all)

Hearing Kevin and Mariah out, Harding decides it time to talk to this Marisa.

Marisa admits that she grabbed the wheel (that sent Marco’s car into the lake) Noah tells Marisa it’s time to stop running – he can help her (he’s rich you know)

Looking at a dress exactly like the one she married Neil in, Hilary worries it’s an omen. Lauren of course reflects on her onw marital woes (but isn’t superstitious) Briefly wondering if Cane and Lily will reconcile, Hilary’s told to think about her own wedding (and these fabulous dresses)

Showing up at Collin’s impromptu party, Mike chats with Cane – he regrets being an ass and hopes Lauren will forgive him. He forgave her affair with Carmine, maybe Cane can forgive Lily.

Joe continues to flirt with Lily (she’s not sure it’s a good idea but flirts back) He knows they only had a ONS, but doesn’t like the way Cane’s treating Lily. She worries about him wanting custody of the kids. Joe knows she wants Cane back.

Collin ushers some trampy girls into the bachelor party. Cane begs off (which Mike following) That leaves Collin to drug Devon’s drink.

Hilary assumes the knock at her door is Lauren – with the perfect dress for her wedding day. Nope – it’s Neil.