Thursday, July 30th

The good news: I watched the entire show today and the server seems to be behaving (funny how throwing money at a problem seems to resolve things)

The bad news: I don’t have the time or energy to re-read what I’ve typed. For the next few weeks, or however long this lasts, I’ll be spending as much time with my Mommy as I can 🙂

In Victor’s office, Nick surprises his Dad by announcing that he’s leaving the company. Really, is Victor’s reply.

Phyllis and Jack are in Istanbul, Turkey – in the same suite they had before. It’s a perfect spot for their second honeymoon; where Phyllis showed Jack how to live after addiction. Oh how happy Jack is ¬hug¬

At the club’s bar, Hilary has a garment bag over her arm – everything’s falling into place. Lily’s happy for her. Hilary and Devon pray every night that Lily and Cane work things out. Lily finds it hard to believe things are the way they are. Really? Cane strolls over – what’s so hard to believe? You jumped into bed with another man. I saw you kiss him.

Neil looks at the video Collin sent him (of Devon being lead into a bedroom by a girl)

Collin’s in the suite’s living room when Devon comes out in a robe. ‘India’s’ not leaving without her cash. Collin shows her out – they didn’t have sex but she still wants (and gets) the agreed on amount. That leaves Devon to ask Collin what happened last night. A lot judging by the noises coming from that room last night, Collin chuckles. I cheated on Hilary? Devon looks ill.

Phyllis and Jack enjoy the view and joke about their last trip there. It’ll be a wild ride, Jack had promised (and delivered) Both look forward to their future. The markets can wait – Phyllis and Jack have other memories to recapture.

No way Devon would have sex with a prostitute. Collin convinces him that’s exactly what happened. But Devon hardly had anything to drink – why can’t he remember anything? Trust me – Collin knows more about Devon’s sexual appetites than he needs to. There’s not need to be ashamed. Devon IS ashamed – what will Collin tell Jill? Oh but Collin didn’t do anything – he’d never cheat on Jill – they’re married. This should be our little secret, Collin says.

Lily wishes Cane had seen her end the kiss and scold Joe. If you say so, Cane doesn’t believe her. You’re jumping to conclusions, like I did, Lily argues – and why is Cane making the kids pay? Cane’s trying to look out for them – he doesn’t like seeing them hurt. Sole custody is NOT what’s best for them, Lily insists. Neil comes over to order Cane not to talk to his daughter this way.

It’s not a good fit, Nick tells Victor – we don’t communicate. Vikki and Abby may be OK with it, but Nick wants answers – like why are Victor and Jack lying (and working together) To keep Nick on-board, Victor will answer his questions.