Wednesday, July 29th

OK. So I’ve been busy moving me and Mom into hospice today. And what better time for the server to go down!!!! The top half is what someone emailed to me – the bottom half I watched as best I could.

Again at the bar with Collin, Cane’s getting drunk. Lily whines about him being a crappy Dad – and Joe defends her.

Hilary and Devon joke about this being his first wedding (a sore spot) This time Hilary’s marrying the right man – and for good.

Nikki doesn’t much like Neil fantasizing about duct taping Hilary and Devon up – and he doesn’t like to envision them riding off into the sunset. Neil vows not to act on his fantasies.

Mike and Lauren bump into one another at the station; he on business, Lauren to praise Chris for sticking by Paul (as a good wife should)

Still at the station, Mike warns Harding that the case against Victor may hve gone away – but the issues between him and Jack haven’t.

At Underground, Kevin worries that Marco’s back and after them. Yeah – because Marisa lead him to us, Mariah glares at her and Noah.

Noah and Marisa butt heads against Mariah and Kevin (who annoys her by pretending he’s not worried about Marco) But apparently he is – let’s take a walk – to the station.

Neil reassures Nikki that he isn’t planning revenge against Hilary and Devon. Good, Nikki’s relieved – like it or not, they’re getting married.