Tuesday, July 28th

At Jack’s, Billy’s puzzled by his reluctance to get back to work – Victor’s not a priority. Phyllis would like an answer to that herself.

Paul away on a medical emergency, Det. Harding’s happy to read Gabe his rights (including the right to an attorney if he can find one who won’t kick him in the head)

In a hospital bed, Ben and Chris insist Paul stay put – he had a minor stroke. When Dylan arrives, Paul doesn’t get the support he expects.

Collin finds Cane hung over at a rooftop bar – last night he mentioned the word custody a few times. Yes, because Lily doesn’t deserve custody after breaking up the family.

Inside, Devon and Hilary approve of Lily’s wedding plans. She knows they’re trying to distract her from her marital problems, but she’s focused on making their special day perfect (Neil scowls as he eavesdrops)

Also at the club, Nikki tells Victor not to expect Nick to stay on at Newman Abbott. And what exactly does it mean to ‘be a Newman’? To never give up and never lose, Victor replies.

Back at the station, Hardin’g having a great ole time – how bad did it suck when Jack woke up and basically called Gabe a liar? So humiliating – trying to stick it to Newman. And now for the fun part – who knows what surprises the fingerprint scan will reveal. Harding’s interrupted by a call – what? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Jack may be the Abbott in Newman Abbott, but he’s also the husband in husband and wife. Repeating that Jack’s needed at work, Billy leaves Phyllis to comment that she’s feeling weird – like we’re suddenly strangers.

Neil listens as Lily continues to gush over Devon and Hilary’s wedding. Hilary sends Lily an inspiration text – which she’ll forward to the planner. Devon’s told to just love his bride – we guests will be there to witness that love. Neil fantasizes that the bride and groom both have duct tape over their mouths.

Back at GCM, Dylan thinks Paul should take it easy and watch TV. But forget your wife and doctor – it’s all about you. Paul’s clearly outnumbered.

In the hallway, Ben intercedes when a nurse is about to call security on a jumpy young man. I’ve got this. Where’d you serve? Afghanistan. Ben never made it that far South but heard it was bad. The man doesn’t like doctors shuffling him about. Ben’s got his back – and will help James find his room.