Wednesday, August 5th

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Adam what Billy and Phyllis are planning. They want you out of the company; out of their lives. What if the convince someone to run your sample through the police database. The walls are caving in. Plus, there’s Victor – he won’t stop until he gets you out. It’s too dangerous. Would Adam rather go to jail than get a second chance being in his son’s life. Obsessing over this stupid company, and Victor will cost you Connor. Are you hearing me this time around Adam?? How far are you willing to push this? All to beat Victor? Still in bed, Abby thanks Ben for the juice. She heard Gabe’s crack about doing her Mom’s bidding. She hopes Ashley isn’t using their relationship. Ben balks – we don’t have a relationship. Abby meant as friends – what did you think I meant? Nothing, we’re friends, Ben agrees – and Ashley isn’t interfering with his job – no worries. Abby’s puzzled when he hurries out. Noah’s now at Summer’s to update that Marisa came clean – Marco was in town a few months before her. He didn’t mention killing anyone, but she didn’t trust him. Austin may have stumbled on him while doing his expose, Courtney found out and was killed – then he tried to frame Tobias (and killed him too) Kevin’s impressed – this could be the break we needed – a witness who can put Marco in town when the murders occurred. Whoa – Noah won’t let Kevin call Paul. You can’t tell anybody about this.

Phyllis and Biily are stunned when Adam comes in to say he’s clearing out his stuff. Why now??? Victor’s back – and doesn’t want him there (no one wants him there – it’s a losing battle) Chelsea helped him realize it’s for the best. Phyllis and Billy aren’t buying it – Gabe claimed he took the job to protect his Father’s best interests. But Jack’s not your Father – we know that for a fact. Jack’s communicating. Adam thinks that great news. There’s no point in denying the truth – Jack’s not my Father. Jack won’t be painted as a villain – pressured to keep quiet. BUT – he will stick to Victor’s pathetic version of what happened in that park that night – but we aren’t the only people who know Marco exists. Existed, Victor updates that he’s dead. Jack believes it – Marisa wouldn’t lie. But wait, one other person knows Marco was impersonating me. Gabe Bingham. Why didn’t he tell me? Victor wonders. Ben returns to end the visit. Have a quick recovery, Victor leaves Jack to scowl. Don’t you want justice for Austin and Courtney? There already has been – Marco’s dead; he was in a car accident with Marisa. Noah believes her – and wants to protect her; she’s terrified Marco’s cronies will track her down. Noah won’t risk Marisa’s life because Mariah doesn’t like her. The killer’s dead – lets move on with our lives (and let Marisa do the same) In her suite, a nervous Marisa packs her bag. Jack tells Ben that he’s fine. No set back. He has on last favour to ask. Adam admits he falsified the DNA test – Jack was in on it – he thought we’d make a better team. So Jack lied to his entire family? No – Phyllis knows that Jack practically broke her hand when saying NO (that ‘Gabe’ wasn’t his son) Chelsea thinks Jack’s just frustrated by how they’re treating Gabe (he’ll wait until Jack wakes up to support him) Phyllis and Billy are left to still smell a rat (then rush out when Ben calls to say Jack may be waking up) Summer agrees not to go to the police; and appeals to Kyle, Kevin and Mariah to let it go – there’s been too much pain and loss already. All finally agree (and Kevin will convince Mariah) Open those gorgeous eyes and say hello to me, Phyllis says. Abby and Billy file in. Kyle, Summer and Ashley will be here soon. Jack blinks – you shouldn’t have to wait any longer. I love you too Red, he weeps as Phyllis hugs him.