Wednesday, August 5th

At the club’s bar, Chelsea praises Adam for neutralizing Billy and Ashley – they’ll have lots of questions for Jack when he wakes up. Adam can’t worry about that now – he wants to do right by Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea suddenly has to go (leaving Adam to be joined by Victor; who orders a double Tequila) In the kitchen, Mariah teases Kevin for folding like a lawn chair. Kevin agreed not to go to the police – but tomorrow, we’re going for a swim in Lake Delaney. Noah’s in Mariah’s suite – he convinced his friends not to go to the police. Relieved, Marisa gives Noah a hug – then a kiss. She thought about leaving town, breaking her word – but she decided to trust him ~kiss~ On their way to bed, Marisa tells Noah that she doesn’t want to ruin things – you’re too important to me ~kiss See you tomorrow, he leaves (oh, I’m glad you kept your promise) Chelsea weeps over a sleeping Connor – she wanted Daddy to be alive, now he’s back in our lives – and *sigh* At the bar, Adam assumes that Billy and Phyllis are already spreading the word – he’s not Jack’s son and is stepping down as CEO. I’ll be damned – no, Victor didn’t know. You won’t be seeing much of my around anymore – the gun you planted will be my undoing. I’ll be arrested for obstruction. Except Jack’s communicating with Phyllis – he’ll wake up and tell the truth about what happened the night of the shooting. Yes, Victor’s sure he’ll set the record straight.

Kyle and Summer race in. Good to see you son – you too Kiddo, Jack smiles. He knows they have questions – he heard a lot of what they said in that room. Victor was telling the truth – I had a gun in the park – he shot me in self defense. Everyone looks baffled by the revelation.

Next: Maybe I am seething with jealousy, Vikki hisses at Abby – overnight you stole my ex and my title almost as if you planned it! … You had a DNA test done – you slept with Gabe didn’t you? Nick sounds defeated (Sage terrified) … Jack bellows at Adam – You want a life with Chelsea!? Keep your mouth shut and follow MY orders!

My Thoughts: What the hell is the ‘Paragon Project’? Are we now going to be given some bogus reason that can justify Victor’s actions. How ludicrous. Dear Lord, let Victor be held responsible for his despicable actions, just once. I don’t care what Jack had planned, I care about the plans Victor DID carry out – he was not held accountable for gaslighting Sharon (cruel enough without using her dead daughter’s twin) Victor ‘protecting’ his company and his family has caused grief to Courtney’s family as well as his own. This is the second time he’s used someone’s mental illness against them (Patty, then Kelly) Would Ben grovel to TGVN if he knew how he used and mistreated his sister Kelly? That the ashes I’m not sure he ever got around to collecting weren’t even hers? Perhaps Ben could have used his connections to get Kelly the help she needed. She wasn’t always psychotic. Victor manipulated her .. It is a bit odd that a car can skid off the road, into a lake, without anyone noticing. How many vehicles are sitting at the bottom of Lake Delaney … Are we supposed to believe that Kevin, who’s terrified of enclosed spaces, will be comfortable in deep, murky water, in full scuba gear? I think NOT.