Wednesday, August 12th

As Kyle sleeps beside her, Summer flashes back to the night Austin was killed – and wakes up screaming. It was just a dream, Kyle says. No, it’s real, Summer pants.

Harding’s brought every penny Marco paid him – now go. There’s no way he can have a life with Phyllis – she’s on to you! Marco will take care of Red – we have a connection. Now go get rid of the guy wearing my face.

Today Jack meets Ashley in the park – to update that he and Phyllis met Victor yesterday to try to convince him that they aren’t behind the Paragon Project. Victor’s ego is bigger than everyone who does indeed want to bring him down.

Connor back to sleep, it’s time for Adam to pop champagne and admire the selfie of one happy family. Chelsea wants to enjoy every second – forget the real world, but the real world hasn’t forgotten us. Adam has 6 days left to convince Chelsea to make it happen ~kiss~

Seated at the club, Nikki’s miffed that Victor’s on his phone – she’s part of the furniture and she hasn’t even moved back home yet. Devon’s wedding? Nikki’s not going to watch Neil’s son and ex wife say I do – he’ll need a friend nearby.

On the rooftop, Devon and Hilary are oh so happy and ready to get married. Devon hopes he doesn’t disappoint his bride. Hilary believes in us – we’ll be fine ~hug~ Who says wishes can’t come true. Neil appears in the background.

At CL’s, Mariah and Kevin discuss Devon’s wedding – and whether true love exists. Summer and Kyle arrive – she had a memory (not a dream)

Your hands are already dirty. Sure, the first murder wasn’t planned, but Det. Sloane’s was. Harding demands Marco take the money and get out of Genoa friggin’ City. Marco gets in his face – you will handle our problem or you’ll be the one who’s erased.

Back at the park, Ashley and Jack wonder who’s clever and ruthless enough to bring Victor down. Gabe Bingham? Ashley suggests.

Adam’s found a dream home for sale in Paris. That’s not fair, Chelsea balks – she agreed to one week. That’s not enough a lifetime’s not enough for Adam – we can have everything. Just forgive me.

Hilary has a final dress fitting, but no, Devon can’t see it (and ruin their good luck) Why is Devon acting so serious? It was a joke. Talk to me. Devon has a gift for Hilary; an ‘incredible’ necklace. All her needs from Hilary is an I do. Is it too early to kiss the bride? Collin appears.

Nikki wonders why Neil’s even at the club – you’re miserable down here, Devon and Hilary are having a ball upstairs. Is that how you want it? No, Neil admits.

Jack’s sure Gabe would have enlisted his help. Ashley agrees – plus, this is a lifetime grudge, intense and personal – that’s not Gabe. Look how quickly he bowed out of CEO. He’s no mastermind. Jack’s left to think alone.

Adam pressures Chelsea – you can get your family back. As she goes to fetch a crying Connor, Jack calls – how long have you been planning the Paragon Project???

Adam’s with Chelsea right now – he has no idea what Jack’s talking about. Jack blames him for everything – you’re the reason this whole thing started. Adam’s not ‘playing coy’ – Victor has a lot of enemies. Yes, the first being Adam Newman. Adam won’t come back and help find out who it is. Cut your vacation short JR, Jack orders. This is no vacation – Adam’s not coming back ~click~ Chelsea returns – who was that?

This wasn’t a dream – it was a memory – Summer heard a voice this time. On the patio, Harding listens. Summer heard music – like notes. Like an ice cream truck? Mariah’s crack sends Summer storming out. Kevin says to give her space, maybe she can figure it out. Harding exits the patio.