Thursday, August 13th

At the club, Neil assures Hilary that he won’t cause any trouble at the wedding. She does NOT believe him.

On the rooftop, the twins (ring bearer and flower girl) are shooed off so that Devon can update Lily that Collin’s blackmailing him.

In the restaurant, Lauren tells Mike that she can’t join him – she’s helping Hilary get ready. She of all people knows how hard it is to come back from a torrid affair and public humiliation. When a cheery Collin appears, there’s mention that Jill’s out of town. Collin wouldn’t miss this wedding for anything.

Home and dressed for the wedding, Sharon tells Dylan how she and Hilary bonded as town pariah’s. Dylan’s just glad to be taking Sharon out on a ‘date’. Paul arrives – he has a problem that only Dylan can help him with.

Freaked out at the park, Summer mentions the ring tone to Harding. It must a popular one – he’s not very original. After he leaves, Noah and Marissa happen by. Summer’s sure that Harding was at the cabin that night.

Still in the office, Jack tells Phyllis that Victor got a mysterious call and rushed out. If the call was from who Jack thinks it was, Victor’s still ‘gunnin’ for me.

Jack believes it was Marco who called Victor. They’re still working together, Phyllis now worries. Victor must be watched, and Marco could strike again at any time.

Asking Sharon for a moment alone with Dylan, Paul relays all of Kevin and Mariah’s suspicions – he needs someone outside the force, someone he trusts to watch Harding. Sharon bursts back into the room – she does NOT want Dylan put in yet another dangerous situation.

Back at the club, Collin tells Lauren that Jill’s business deal is taking longer than she thought. Collin’s representing – Devon’s family.

Asking Cane to watch the kids, Lily marches off to blast Collin. Catering issue, Devon lies. And do the twins have have questions about their roles in the wedding? Yes, why is Uncle Devon marrying Grandpa’s wife?

Back downstairs, Neil tells Hilary that he’s accepted that she’s marrying his son – he’s moving on from the betrayal and cheating. He’s going on vacation – to decompress. It’s his wedding gift. After Hilary apologizes, Neil’s left to look all evil.