Tuesday, August 11th

After Vikki boasts about what a great job she and Abby did in Milwaukee, Victor chides her for coming home – it’s not safe – for any member of the Newman family – the threat comes from many angles.

Still in the park, Mariah’s not eager to follow an armed cop who doesn’t like them too much – leave me out of it, she tells Kevin.

Harding creeps into the Abbott cabin by flashlight. Freeze!? Are you gonna shoot me detective? Is that any way to greet ‘your partner’? Marco asks with a grin.

Back in Daddy’s office, Vikki hears about the ‘coup’ – which must be one of the Abbott’s – who else would want to destroy NE? Jack and Ashley both deny it – it’s not Traci or Abby. You think Billy’s behind this plan? Vikki scoffs.

Phyllis comes home to gush over her wonderful husband. No need for Billy to leave – Jack asks him about the Paragon Project. The what? It’s a plot to bring down the Mustache. Sign me up, let’s take the guy down. Billy’s game.

With Chris working late on a case, Paul’s happy to sneak out to meet Kevin and Mariah at CL’s. Harding’s taking time off? Paul’s surprised – but maybe he forgot. This is bigger than a squabble, Kevin insists. Mariah agrees – look at the timing. There’s a killer on the loose and your lead detective wants to go fishing?!

Marco grumbles about the food Harding’s brought him, then relays his run in with his darlin’ Red. She’s a fiery one alright. Marco always manages to get out of trouble somehow – money talks. Flashback to Harding pulling ‘Jack’ over – something’s not right here – what’s going on? Marco knows Harding’s salary is low – let me tell you a story…. A match made in heaven, Marco gloats – don’tcha think? Harding scowls.

Vikki and Victor bicker about Billy; that loser coming back into her life. It’s NOT what Victor wants to hear – and taking things slow with that loser won’t fix what’s wrong with him. I need your help. Are you with me or that loser!?

Phyllis and Jack update Billy on the Paragon Project. We can’t back out of the merger. There’s no way out, Jack refuses to say why, and Phyllis agrees – we’re doing what we have to to survive. What aren’t you telling me? Billy wonders if Victor has something on Jack.

Vikki won’t let Victor do this to her – she won’t choose between the Newman’s and Billy – I choose you both. You can’t choose us both, Victor reminds that they’re trying to sabotage us. Billy would never hurt someone I love. Even if that someone was me? He framed me for embezzlement. Victor wants proof that Billy’s innocent. Yes, spy on him. Vikki won’t risk it. She’s protecting HER family, just as Victor is.

Jack claims that cooperating with Victor is the smart thing to do – to stop an outside threat. Victor could be behind it, Billy suggests – then shares his hopes to reconcile with Vikki. Jack and Phyllis both worry – don’t trust Vikki – her loyalty is to her Father. After Billy marches out, Phyllis wishes they could tell him the truth. Jack will confront Victor face to face. Not without me, Phyllis orders.

Harding reminds Marco that he’s holed up at the scene of TWO crimes. Yeah – Pretty boy with the camera thought getting two Jack Abbott’s on camera would start his career rolling. He was an accident. Marco says – but the next one wasn’t.