Wednesday, August 19th

Why would you do this? Hilary realizes Nikki was right and that Neil never accepted her marrying Devon. What happened to forgiveness? Why fly here with wild accusations? Neil holds out his phone – here’s the proof. You wasted your time – Hilary’s not looking at it (and throws the phone away)

Neil knows Hilary’s guide won’t be showing up any minute. Finding the phone in the bushes, he knows she’ll one day come running to him – begging to see what’s on it. Hilary takes the phone and sees Devon being lead to bed by the hooker. This never happened – you faked it – staged it – it’s a lie. Neil talks about her cheating on him; payback’s a bitch, isn’t it my love? Shoving the phone into his hand, Hilary marches off.

Back at the office, Victor denies he’d lure Jack and Phyllis to be shot. Dylan would like to believe that. Give Nikki my love, he exits – and bumps immediately into Kevin (who excitedly updates that Summer remembers seeing Harding. Noah wants to go after him) Dylan nixes that plan – he’s a decorated cop shot in the line of duty – we have to prove what Summer remembers.

Why take over Jack’s life? Marco likes money. Victor’s money, Jack guesses he found Marco under some rock. Are you afraid of Victor? Marco laughs – he’s unable to tell Jack what he wants to hear. Victor’s a smart man; he caught on AFTER I took your place – we made a 50/50 deal. Phyllis sure is a handful in the bedroom, Marco changes the subject (and gets backhanded across the face)

ON the mountain, Devon finds a guide, Peter – he was under the impression that the hike was canceled. Maybe Hilary went up alone. That can be treacherous, both are worried.

Peter suggests that Hilary joined another group – Devon’s to go back down; she might be waiting for him right now. This happens all the time – no worries. He’ll alert the other guides to patrol the canyon – we’ll find her.

Back at CL’s, Summer apologizes for blocking out the memory. Mariah thinks the important part is that she remembered. Summer now blubbers to Noah (who doesn’t blame her for Courtney’s death) We now know who the killer is – but we need proof. Noah’s frustrated – he’s going after Harding. Wait til Dylan and Kevin come back! Noah’s tired of other people calling the shots (and marches out)

Victor calls Paul – while he’s relaxing on his porch on taxpayers dollars, there was a shooting in my office. One of your detectives was shot; Harding was just here with your son, your little boy, Dr Watson. The only reason Victor hasn’t called his lawyer over the slanderous interrogation is out of respect for Paul. Putting a badge on a guy who makes cappuccinos is the height of nepotism. What do you think Nikki thinks about all this. She’ll worry about her son being in the line of fire. Send your boy back to making cappuccinos ~click~

If I was like you, you’d be a dead man! Jack barks at Marco, then leaves Marisa to watch over him. Is Jack going to the police? He’s going to end this! We’re alone now, untie me, Marco appeals to Marisa.

Hilary’s not in the suite – so Devon leaves her another panicked ‘call me’ message – I love you. He then uses the hotel phone – this is Devon Hamilton in the bridal suite. I’m afraid we might have a problem.

Untie me! Jack will be back soon to ‘finish things’ – you’ll be an accessory. Every couple has ups and downs – we have precious memories. Until you started kissing Noah Newman. If they kill me, you’re next – you’ll never see your precious Noah again.

Creeping into the station, Noah overhears Harding on the phone – where are you? The boat’s leaking. You can’t leave me to clean up your mess – think again.

Jack waltzes into Victor’s office, pretending to be Marco – that 10 minutes in jail must have been hard for a softie like you. What do you want? Victor asks. I want what’s mine – what you owe me. Shame we wasted a bullet on a cop that should have been for Jack or Phyllis. I guess both of them have to go, right pal? Nice try Jack, Victor smirks.

Pouring a drink, Victor claims that Marco came to town ‘of his own accord’ – I could have been one of his victims. Jack chuckles – prove the alliance with Marco is – I know exactly where he is and you’re going to help me see to it that he pays the ultimate price.