Thursday, August 20th

After the concierge leaves, the officer tells Devon that another hiker heard a scream – they went up and found this room key. Hilary may have fallen.

Marisa wavers as Marco does a good job of convincing her that Victor will never let her be with Noah – she’s expendable to both Jack and Victor. Untie me and I’ll take you somewhere safe.

Jack tells Victor that Marco is tied to a bed at the Abbott cabin. You’re going to kill him? Victor asks. After what he did to my wife, he deserves to die, Jack growls (unaware that Phyllis listens outside the office door)

Out do dinner at the club, Chris praises Paul on leading a healthier lifestyle – but she knows the call he’s expecting from Dylan isn’t just Father/Son stuff. You’re using him to keep tabs on things at the station.

As Summer (and Mariah) insist Harding was at the cabin that night, Dylan’s alarmed to hear that Noah’s gone looking for him. Kevin follows Dylan as he marches out. Sharon enters the patio – where’d Dylan to in such a rush? What’s going on? (the girls make it clear something’s up)

If you think you can leave me to clean up your mess? …. Harding hangs up the phone when Noah marches into Paul’s office to accuse him of killing Courtney and Austin. Summer saw you! You son of a bitch! Noah charges. Harding aims his gun.

She may have fallen – she did or she didn’t? Devon wants to look for his wife. You’re not going anywhere, the cop stops him.

Sharon knows Mariah’s holding something back – to protect her. Is Paul OK? Is it about the murder case. Dylan’s not a cop – he can’t go run off investigating, Mariah says. Sharon then turns on Summer (who says it doesn’t involve her) Really – I was framed – you better tell me what’s happening right now. We know who the killer is, Summer blurts out.

Are you going to kill me like the others? Noah asks. Harding knows it’s the grief talking. You always hated Courtney. No, Harding admired her, wanted to toughen her up. He’s trying to get justice for Courtney. He then leaves ‘this jackass’ with another cop – make sure he doesn’t get in trouble.

Victor won’t kill Marco – he’s no killer. Oh right – you hire people, like Kelly. Victor’s not responsible for what that crazy dame did! Jack tells Victor to pick up the phone – make the call – I want Marco gone! Phyllis hurries off.

Back at CL’s, Summer and Mariah update Sharon (who’s sympathetic) She’s then aghast to hear that Fen was blackmailed to drug them at the cabin. Harding is desperate and dangerous, Sharon worries.

Still at the club, Chris scolds Paul – if he’s going to be monitoring things from home, he might as well go back to work! And since when does Dylan want to become a cop. He’s being shown more than a ‘window’, she knows. Harding runs in – since you deputized your son, the inmates are running the asylum. Noah and his friends are interfering in the investigation. He just accused me of being a dirty cop. Me, the guy who took a bullet trying to catch the guy who killed his fiance. After Harding leaves, Chris has to agree with him – Paul must put a stop to this now.

Dylan and Kevin are relieved to find Noah at the station – we heard you went after Harding. Yes, Noah accused him – and Harding couldn’t get out of here fast enough. Dylan will find out the truth.