Wednesday, August 19th

Though tied to the couch, Marco does not cower – he’s not the bad guy – he didn’t kill those kids. The only thing he’s guilty of is looking like Jack. Jack disagrees – you’re guilty of sleeping with my wife!

At CL’s, Noah worries about Marisa – the kiss was like a good bye – she never showed at the suppliers. As he, Kevin and Mariah puzzle over Jack on the surveillance footage, Summer runs in – she remembers seeing Harding that night.

Outside Victor’s office, Harding’s eager to leave as Victor arrives. In no hurry, Dylan ‘the observer’ has questions. And Victor has questions for them too.

Devon awakens from his nap when the concierge comes by – Mrs Hamilton wanted you to take this medicine. Yes, Hilary went on the guided tour. Feel better, the concierge leaves.

It’s hard to look at that view and think ‘small world’, Neil’s clearly not there by chance. Hilary’s nervous as Neil points out that the rusty nail and chain might not hold her (some sort of railing at a look out point?)

Why are you here Neil? Did you follow us? Neil’s there because of his conscience – there’s something you need to see – it’ll be painful. I’m just the messenger. You need to know the truth about the man you married. He’s devoted to me- Hilary knows the man she married. No, you don’t know him – Devon doesn’t deserve your praise – he’s been unfaithful. Yeah – that’s right, he cheated on you and has been lying about it since the bachelor party. Hilary’s stunned.

On the patio, Summer mentions that Kyle’s out of town – then relays (via flashback) what she remembers; seeing Harding pull out his phone. He looked right at me, then ran out. Summer found the bookend – it was covered in Austin’s blood. She blocked it out. Kevin and Mariah block the doors – Noah can NOT go after Harding.

Harding and Dylan are back in Victor’s office; Annacelli’s covering his tracks. We only have Jack’s story to connect us to the drug lord. And what did Jack say??? Over Dylan’s objection Harding tells Victor that Jack learned a dummy corporation was a front for Annacelli and backed out (giving Marco motive) Victor announces that he and Jack dissolved the partnership. As Harding exits, Dylan has one more question – was Victor doing business with Annacelli too??

Marco taunts Jack about sleeping with Phyllis – oh how many times he slept with her, month after month. He fooled the whole family; the sexy sister and hot niece Abby. Kyle likes ME more than you. Egged on (do it!!!) Jack smashes a bottle on the mantel and comes menacingly close to Marco with the jagged glass (as Marisa looks worried)

Finish what you came here to do! Marco challenges. Jack throws the bottle down – he won’t stoop to Marco’s level. Untie me and we’ll settle this like real men~ No – Jack’s running the show, and he wants answers.

Victor doesn’t take kindly to the ‘amateur’ questioning him – and praises Harding for taking a bullet; making a sacrifice. Now catch that Annacelli – shoot to kill, Victor chortles. Harding says they’ll do everything they can. Victor asks for a moment alone with the ‘observer’; it’s a family matter. Is my Mother OK? Dylan asks. That depends on your discretion, Victor replies.

In the middle of CL’s, Noah insists on confronting Harding – this isn’t about vengeance, it’s about justice. Kevin and Mariah want to get proof. You don’t believe me? Summer bleats. What do we do? What Dylan told us to do – go to the cops. We’ll get Harding. Noah worries that Harding’s working for Annacelli – and has Marisa. Kevin will find Dylan. Just hang tight for a few minutes.

Dressing in a hurry. Devon leaves a message on Hilary’s voicemail – he’s feeling better and is on his way to catch up with her.