Tuesday, August 18th

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In the park, Jack and Victor play the blame game. YOU will go to jail, a confident Victor tells Jack to go ahead – call Paul right now. Jack orders Victor to pull the plug on the monster he created and unleashed. Oh, and it wasn’t HE who agreed to merge Jabot – that was Marco; someone in YOUR employ. Victor now decides that Jabot’s not worth the trouble – it can be Jack’s again IF he agrees not to make that call.

At the cabin, Marisa tries to woo Marco back – to leave GC together; let’s make our dreams come true. Marco won’t walk away from all his hard work. But, they want you dead, and Marisa doesn’t want to lose Marco. You can’t be Jack Abbott – it’s over; stay here and die or leave with me and live.

What monster has Victor unleashed? Ashley demands (at the club) When Phyllis won’t say any more, Nikki thinks her accusations are pointless. Ashley isn’t so sure – your husband did shoot my brother. Nikki believes him. Then why aren’t you home with your wonderful, HONEST husband? Phyllis taunts. Ashley referees – we all have questions about the animosity between Jack and Victor (yes, including Nikki) Good, let’s go get some answers.

On the rooftop, Cane slathers sunscreen on the twins. Are you and Mommy getting a divorce? they wonder.

Downstairs, Lily gushes over Neil’s behavior at Devon’s wedding; she’s so proud that he forgave him in public. Neil spoke from his heart – hopes Devon and Hilary find the happiness they deserve.

Meanwhile, a blissfully happy Devon and Hilary are settling into their honeymoon suite.

As Devon and Hilary put the honeymoon suite to good use, Lily continues to try distract her Dad. Neil’s leaving town for a bit. No, he doesn’t need her and the twins to come along. He has things to figure out – putting Hilary behind him. Lily gives her blessing – have a good time – do what feels right. Yeah, that’ll be Neil’s new motto – whatever feels right (he’s not smiling as Lily hugs him)

Cane reassures the twins that their Mommy and Daddy will always be there for them (but won’t go as far as to say there will be no divorce)

Jack’s fuming – the price for his silence is the company Victor STOLE from him? I get to keep what should never have been yours?! I was chained to a bed by a lunatic, almost killed by a drug lord (who my wife slept with!) And I get Jabot back!!?? Jack wants a lot more than Victor’s word – or things will get blown sky high.

At the cabin. Marisa scolds Marco, the greedy boy – why risk it all to stay in GC? This isn’t the place for you and me. Jack doesn’t need me – YOU do. Jack doesn’t know me – YOU do. And maybe I need you. Marco hisses – and why should I believe you??

In bed, Hilary and Devon blather on about marriage being forever – Devon believes in these rings. Today and tomorrow? More than that – years, decades. Look at all we’ve overcome – oh how great we are. Blah blah blah.

On the rooftop, Cane lets Lily know he put sunblock in the kids. I trust you, Lily says as if she already knew that. Her Dad’s going away so Sofia might call us for back up with Moses.They sit to discuss how great Neil is at forgiving. Is Cane ready to forgive Lily? She’s stunned to hear that the kids have asked about divorce – poor babies. Cane’s decided he can forgive Lily, for the kids. It can’t be just for the kids (Lily won’t accept that)