Monday, August 31st

My apologies for the delay today. Procrastination prevails – I left it to the last day of the month to clean out my Mom’s place. Proofreading and spellcheck were not options today. I will post results of last weeks fundraiser tomorrow. Many thanks dear readers!!

In Victor’s office, Nikki worries that Neil’s alibi is false; that he didn’t mean his words of forgiveness at Devon and Hilary’s wedding. He’s consumed by bitterness – Nikki of all people knows how easy it is to fall back into destructive habits. Arms folded, Victor doesn’t seem to care much.

Neil joins Devon and the Ashby’s at the club. He’s updated that helicopters have been hired to help look for Hilary (who Devon refuses to believe dead) Paul marches over – you’re under arrest Devon.

At Underground, Mariah flashes back to Sharon asking her to keep her miscarriage a secret – for Dylan’s sake. We need to talk about Mom, Noah interrupts her – he and Dylan are both worried. Something’s going on with her. You know something he guesses – don’t you think Dylan has a right to know? Eavesdropping, Marisa looks guilty.

Brought downstairs for some breakfast, to keep his strength up, Dylan wonders what’s up – they spent the whole day in bed yesterday (and Sharon seems eager to do the same today) She’s just enjoying her sexy man before the baby comes is all. Hugging Sharon, Dylan looks unconvinced.

As Marisa continues to listen, Noah tells Marisa that Dylan’s noted Sharon’s moodiness lately; he deserves to know what a bipolar episode looks like don’tcha think? Mariah doesn’t think he’s being fair to Mom – what if it was Marisa’s past that was constantly being brought up? Dylan wants to help, Noah insists – so what’s going on? Mom should be happy – she has a great guy and a baby on the way – but everything seems ‘fragile’. Cover for me, Mariah says as she runs out.

Neil balks – are handcuffs really necessary? Paul’s just doing his job. He’s not a flight risk. the Ashby’s insists. Devon’s just desperate to find Hilary. Yes, and that makes him a flight risk. The BVI cops aren’t happy that Devon’s hired team is ‘compromising’ a crime scene. Paul must follow protocol. As he leads Devon out, Neil assures him that he’s on it.

Victor tells Nikki that Neil’s credit card activity puts him in Canada the day Hilary went missing. Nikki’s relieved – hated to think that Neil could have acted on his anger.

On the rooftop, Cane can see that Lily isn’t 100% convinced that Devon’s innocent. OK, she sits Cane down to tell him that something happened the night of the bachelor party (but she can’t say what) Why are you keeping secrets? Cane’s pissed – I thought we weren’t doing that anymore.

As Dylan and Sharon are kissing on the sofa, Mariah bursts through the front door – she needs to talk to her Mom. After Dylan goes upstairs, Mariah tells Sharon that getting pregnant immediately is a beautiful dream, but it is ONLY a dream.

Marisa couldn’t help overhearing. Noah thinks that Dylan’s not being given enough credit. His Mom’s mistakes are what made her the woman she is (which is how Noah feels about Marisa) He relays that Summer heard her asking Sage about love. Marisa wants to know the secret – how does one know when it’s real. When Noah thought Marisa was saying good bye last week, he realized that he’s falling in love with her ~kiss~

At the station, Paul sends Devon off to booking. Mike’s left to rant to Paul – Devon would never hurt Hilary. You’re making your case to the wrong person, Paul can’t ignore a warrant. Use your legal discretion – give me time to get in front of a Judge. Paul can only give him until tomorrow – then Devon’s to face charges on the Islands.