Tuesday, September 1st

Sharon knows she’s been acting strangely – it’s because she’s been keeping something from Dylan. She feels guilty because she went off her meds for a few days. Why would you do that? Dylan’s alarmed.

Strolling through the park, Sage is glad she and Victor have a good relationship – he respects that she set boundaries from the start (Nick doesn’t look convinced)

At Underground, Marisa claims that Victor’s lying – she did not consider his ‘spiteful gesture’. Noah looks torn between his Grandpa and the woman he loves.

At CL’s, Anita doesn’t approve of Chelsea shunning Victor – or running off with ‘Gabe’ (who almost ran off with Connor) He’s trouble. Chelsea loves her imperfect man – but things will only work if they stay far from Victor’s orbit.

In Victor’s office, Adam catches Vikki implementing a password change for Newman’s computer infrastructure. Still paranoid that someone’s after the old man? Nope, instinct has been hard wired into us since humans had to protect themselves from the saber-toothed tiger (and other predators)

Ashley now behind the CEO desk, Billy reports that IT scoured Jack’s hard drive (looking for anything to do with the Paragon Project from the past year) Investigation? Jack saunters in – this is how he’s repaid for putting Ashley in charge? Ignoring Jack, Ashley asks Billy what IT found.

Sharon fesses up that she stopped taking her pills because they could be harmful to the baby. Dylan points out that she can’t just stop without talking to a doctor. Mariah caught on, Sharon lies – she had Sharon call her psychiatrist. She’s now back on her meds (though it may take a few days for them to kick in) Sharon didn’t want Dylan to be disappointed in her. With a hug/kiss, she wants to pick up where they left off later (Dylan still looks worried)

Back at NE, Adam claims that Victor is the predator – he’d be in Paris if he wasn’t keeping Chelsea (and Connor) in GC. Vikki decides they must have more faith in Chelsea’s line than HE does. Adam tries a different approach – think of it from a Mother’s perspective; Chelsea doesn’t want to raise her son around this infighting. Vikki’s all business – and this is business. Adam disagrees – it’s personal for Victor, just like it was when Vikki punished Chelsea for what she did to Billy. Victor only wants Connor to become his clone; like the rest of the Newmans.

Remember who you’re dealing with – a woman who cavorted with a drug lord; a sociopath who may have been involved in the death of your fiancee, Victor suspected Marisa was after money. She didn’t refuse or show outrage, nor did she profess undying love for Noah. Pissed, Marisa rips up the check. Noah isn’t happy that his Grandpa interfered like this. I don’t need ‘protecting’! Victor warns Noah to be careful – don’t succumb to a beautiful body and face; it’s very dangerous. After Victor leaves, Marisa thanks Noah for believing her (but he makes it clear that’s not a safe assumption)

IT came up empty handed – it doesn’t appear that Jack knew about the Paragon Project. That’s because Jack DIDN’T! Billy won’t apologize to Jack (not after his Jekyll and Hyde routine after his honeymoon) Ashley also mentions Jack’s irrational behavior – AND his suspect timing in naming her CEO. Perhaps she’s just a scapegoat for his next plot against Victor. Why IS Jack at Jabot anyway??

Jack’s here to pack his things – and to help Ashley with any questions she may have (to enable a smooth transition) You really think I’d set you up!? Billy can’t deny it wouldn’t be the first time Jack has hurt their sister. Ashley had her suspicions about the sealed bids re: Chelsea’s line – and legal agrees. I can take it from here, she marches out (leaving Billy to shrug at him)

Still in the park, Nick points out that if Victor starts meddling, he’ll leave Newman – that’s the deal. No, it’s not in writing. This is the spot we said out vows – our love is stronger than Victor. Sage won’t let her insecurities re: Victor ruin their happiness. Oh how blessed she is. Nick then gets a call from Dylan – who’s relieved he picked up, it’s about Sharon.

Sharon stops by Chelsea and Anita’s table to gush over Connor. Chelsea’s so happy that Dylan’s to be a Father; she always felt guilty for taking Connor away from him. He wanted a baby so much.

You don’t know my Father – he doesn’t carelessly ruin people’s lives, Vikki claims. No, there’s nothing careless about it, Adam agrees. Congratulations – you’ve become a Victor apologist – look where that’s gotten your Mother. Preach the gospel of TGVN – he can take over YOUR kid’s lives, but not Connor’s. Victor interrupts Vikki defending him (to say there’s no need to defend him) Adam insists they WILL move to Paris. Victor’s equally adamant they won’t.