Friday, August 28th

At the club, Ashley questions why Jack suddenly wants to make her co CEO. Phyllis interrupts the argument to say this is no game – the Abbott’s must unite against the competition. Ashley refuses the position – thanks but no thanks.

Victor tells Chelsea that she can’t walk away and start up a new company – she signed a non compete clause. I own Chelsea Lawson. Neither Adam nor Chelsea like that much – or that she must work from NE – Paris is ‘out of the question’.

On the rooftop, Sage tears up; overwhelmed by the party and Summer’s official welcome to the family. Self designated outsider, Mariah watches as Nick takes Sage aside to reassure her of their happiness.

Walking into the club, Devon rants and raves to Lily – anyone who thinks he’d hurt Hilary …. Neil races over to hug him; Cane offers condolences on his loss. What loss?! Hilary’s NOT dead, Devon insists.

Missing isn’t the same as dead, Devon’s only home to stay out of jail – he knows Hilary’s still alive. It’ll be OK, Neil hugs him again (and looks sketchy)

Billy congratulates Sage for this time marrying someone that everyone doesn’t want to punch in the face. Mariah drinks and declines participation. Nikki arrives – pretending to be miffed that she wasn’t invited to the wedding. Aside, Billy and Vikki remember their wedding; then fight about Victor until Vikki calls him a jerk and walks off (leaving Billy pissed – at himself)

Adam clarifies Victor’s stance – if Chelsea goes to Paris her company dies? Just so you can keep tabs on her son? Victor suggests Adam go to Paris; bon voyage. Chelsea won’t let Victor dictate where she lives – she wants to raise Connor outside GC. I’m not for sale! she marches out, leaving Victor to ask if he’d give up Chelsea and Connor for everything (as she is for him) Adam too walks out.

Jack explains why he needs Ashley as co CEO. Partnering with Marco Annacelli was a mistake. It was shady – stupid, Ashley’s still pissed and has questions – how do you know Marco’s no longer a threat? And why did you really dissolve the merger?

You know as much as I do, Jack lies – Annacelli fled the country with the feds after him. Dissolving the merger was a no brainer. Ashley’s further pissed when Jack suddenly bolts to reassure Devon that Hilary will fight her way back to him. Mike joins them to say that the blood found on Hilary’s shoe is hers – Devon will be extradited to the VI to face homicide charges.

Meanwhile, Phyllis defends Jack to Ashley (who’s pissed that he’s evading her questions) She won’t share a title with someone who shares info on a need to know basis. Jack comes back to say that CEO is a one man job – or a one woman job (he’s handing it to her)

On the rooftop, Abby whines to Ben about her Mom, and is sorry she once tried to push them together. Let the Mom part catch up to the business woman part, Ben suggests.

Nick joins Mariah, hoping she understands why he kept the guest list small. You ARE family – his own parents weren’t even invited. Nick’s glad she’s in town to support Sharon, especially now that she’s pregnant. Mariah shrugs off her mood and is coaxed into giving Nick a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

Victor arrives to greet his daughters and Nikki, then hugs Sage; whom he credits with Nick returning to NE. Summer hands over the wedding bouquet for the traditional toss. 3,2,1. It’s lobbed over the ladies head to land in Chelsea’s hands. She and Adam look awkward as everyone stares.

Lily doesn’t get what proof they have against Devon. Neil wants to fight extradition. He’s not allowing his son to go back there. Devon feels he deserves it – for falling in love with his Father’s wife (but Hilary doesn’t)

What motivated Jack’s offer? Devon being away from the woman he loves – and life is too short to carry grudges. He knows Ashley can lead Jabot where it needs to go (without obsessing about Victor) He’ll stay on the board to support Ashley (who’s suspicious but has waited a long time – to accept)

Sage asks Chelsea and Adam to stay – celebrate. They’re handed drinks as Noah makes a toast; to Sage and his Dad; with the grin that ‘gets him out of everything’. He loves the way Sage looks at his Dad (who really hit the jackpot) Noticing Victor react when Noah kisses Marisa, Nikki eyes him.

Billy can’t believe that Victor’s trying to force Chelsea to stay in GC – even if it’s running off with ‘Gabe’, he wants her and Connor to stay out of Snidely’s clutches. Victor chases him off to tell Chelsea that Connor will always be a Newman, regardless of who she’s dating.

Yes, ‘Gabe’ has permission to talk to Sage – as long as she can tolerate it, Nick leaves Adam to say he’s happy for Sage (but warns her that the biggest menace to her kid is Grandpa) Sage has an idea – move to Paris with the love of your life and stay there!

Well that was warm and cuddly – what happened to the truce? Adam’s thrown off by her change in attitude. Sage doesn’t want his lie to affect her life. Go be happy – let me be happy here. Chelsea comes over to tell Adam that it’s time to go (because of Victor) Sage pouts as he decides to stay (to spite Victor)