Wednesday, September 2nd

At the club, Nikki’s skeptical – do you really think a Judge will award you weekly visitation with Connor? Yes, Victor does, and so does his attorney. Still, Nikki’s not sure he should go to these lengths.

In Paul’s office, Chelsea and Adam are worried about Victor’s demand for visitation. If they were to disobey the court order and leave the country, Paul would have to arrest both of them.

At home, Dylan’s happy to see Sharon happy and relaxed. She promises not to go off her meds again – she WILL give him the happy family he deserves.

On the rooftop. Neil wishes he could help Devon. Collin and Jill (back from Hong Kong – Tucker sends his love) appear. Devon knows he’s not alone – Lily and Neil have been supportive. After everything? Jill’s skeptical that Neil’s put his anger behind him.

Downstairs with Cane, Lily can’t blame Devon for punching Cane (sporting a black eye) – he wouldn’t hurt Hilary. Cane wishes he had all the facts earlier – we must be honest with each other. Lily agrees – so tells him that Collin was blackmailing Devon.

Kevin and Mariah chat at CL’s – how did they become an old married couple when he hasn’t even gotten to second base? We skipped the fun steps. Kevin wants to be a normal couple – flirting and kissing. Mariah lists all the lousy relationships going on in GC. Forget I said anything, Kevin gets up and leaves the table.

Lily doesn’t think Collin had anything to do with Hilary disappearing (neither did Devon) Regardless, Cane’s not letting this go so easily.

Collin agrees with Jill – Neil was consumed with rage. Neil explains that he made peace with the situation to move on with his life (and his son to be part of it) Collin thinks Devon a lucky kid to have such a devoted Dad. Mike joins them – he won’t be attending Kay’s memorial as he needs to get back to BVI re: Devon’s case. Devon appreciates all Mike’s doing, but he needs something else from him ….

Downstairs, Nikki notes that Chelsea’s never tried to keep Connor from Victor; he can see him whenever he wants. Victor blames Gabe – he’s trying to sever his relationship with his grandson. Ain’t gonna happen. Nikki knows that Victor wants to make up for not being there for Adam, but if you push Chelsea too hard you may lose Connor forever.

On the patio, David Sherman suggests Chelsea offer Victor a compromise – bi-monthly visits. Then the order not to leave the country may be lifted. Once in Paris, it’ll be harder to enforce the it. Adam and Chelsea agree – make the proposal.

David goes to Victor’s office; Chelsea’s willing to allow visits every other week. It’s a fair compromise. Yeah, well, Victor thinks it time Sherman got the hell out of his office – NOW (David scurries out without further word)

Back at CL’s, Chelsea gets a call from David, then updates Adam – no deal. Victor wouldn’t budge. This won’t stop until he has control of my sweet little boy, she frets. Adam vows that won’t happen – go get a massage (he’s going to talk to Victor)

Nikki catches Neil at the revolving door – did you get my messages? Hear me out. Why? Because we’re friends – and Nikki wants to apologize for accusing Neil of harming Hilary. It was more than the accusations, Neil feels that Nikki ended the friendship by having Victor investigate him.

Devon (with Mike) is in Paul’s office – you know I didn’t do this. Can’t you send someone to look into Hilary’s disappearance? Paul doesn’t think the BVI cops would appreciate that. OK, how about someone who’s NOT on the force? Mike suggests Dylan. Paul doubts he’d go 2000 miles to look into it. Devon wants to appeal to him personally.