Thursday, September 3rd

Jill and Ester decorate the park, debating on whether Kay has another message for them. Lauren and Paul arrive – and he has a letter from Katherine. Lauren wonders what she’d think of them. Jill knows. Kay’s voice is heard – ‘Oh dear God in heaven’

Of course Cane will go find Hilary – he’ll leave right after Kay’s memorial. Devon thanks him, then is grilled by Nikki (on Neil’s whereabouts) Vikki takes her aside – why are you so anxious to find Neil? I’m having an affair with him – isn’t that obvious!? Nikki retorts. Reporters then converge on Devon (who says it’s OK – and agrees to answer questions – to help find his wife)

In the shed, Neil knows Hilary will have questions when she wakes up. Don’t worry – I’ll be right here to explain everything, he takes a seat at her bedside.

At the tackhouse, Faith’s bored. Sage suggests she talk to her baby brother or sister. Hi baby! Faith shouts – then asks questions. Do you love me as much as I love you? The baby’s kick indicates yes.

Chelsea’s taking her son – she can’t let Adam go with them. Adam disagrees – we stay or leave together. You can’t be fingerprinted – everyone will know who you are. Adam thinks they should stay in GC and give Victor exactly what he wants.

In Victor’s office, Jack’s not so sure the Paragon Project exists – but will help him look into it (in the spirit of the day; to honour Kay)

Walking over to Kay’s portrait, Kevin and Mariah disagree on whether she’d have liked Mariah or not. After Lauren and Jill inform that Murphy won’t be there (he broke his leg fishing) Kay’s request this year is to do something she’d be proud of. Jill takes a moment to flashback to being locked in the bathroom with Kay.

As the Ashby’s sit on the sidelines, Devon (on air) gushes about the wonderful Hilary – he won’t rest until is beautiful wife is home with him.

Meanwhile, Neil talks to a sleeping Hilary – she survived the fall down that slope – but would have been swept off to sea if he didn’t dive in after her – gave her the breath of life. Strange thing is, no one knows. Getting an alert on his phone, Neil watches Devon’s on air plea (that anyone with information come forward)

Adam thinks they’ll have a better case with the Judge if they handle things the right way. Victor will lose interest – he’ll leave us alone and focus on his other grandchildren. Chelsea worries that Adam will go for Victor’s throat when he sees him playing with Connor.

Jack has no plans to ride off into the sunset – he’ll continue to protect Jabot and his family (possibly from the Paragon Project) He wants to share any information either of them finds. Victor then gets a call – who is this??? (some mystery guy)

At the bottom of the stairs, Nikki tells Vikki that Victor’s jealous of her – and Neil’s mad at her (but not mad enough to stay away from her) Neil and I understand each other. When Neil comes through the revolving door, Nikki asks if Victor told him to stay away fro her. It;s a moot point – Neil’s not interested in her version of friendship) Leaving both ladies to gape, Neil joins Devon at the bar. Cane’s going to BVI for me, he’s told.

Adam assures Chelsea that he can keep up the charade of Gabe Bingham – Victor will be clueless.

Jack asks about Victor’s call. Someone called the private line and didn’t say anything; someone playing games.