Friday, September 4th

As the lights come back on at the park, Ester wants to stay by herself to mourn Kay. Sent over to cheer her up, Collin barely touching Ester sends her off in a huff (much to Jill’s astonishment)

At the club, Chelsea (with Connor) chats with Billy. Weird how the lights went off. Chelsea somehow segues that into realizing how quickly it can all be taken away.

On his phone, Adam grumbles to Ian – this virus is taking ages to download. If I get caught, I go down – not you. Success! The hacker takes Ian’s phone and instructs Adam to erase any record of him being on that computer. Adam does so – then hides seconds before a suspicious Vikki enters Victor’s office.

Now in a hospital gown and bed, Sage tells Nick that she had a nightmare that Victor took their baby. On cue, Victor looks through the window – and Nikki arrives to stare at him. Nick assures Sage that no one will take their baby. Meanwhile, Abby’s surprised to bump into Victor and Nikki (and that there’s concerns with Nick and Sage’s baby) Sage worries – the lights going out was a sign. They came back on, Nick points out – it’ll be OK.

Brushing off Victor’s annoying questions, the DR leaves Ben to say that Sage and the baby are in good hands. She heads into Sage’s room to tell her that everything’s fine; Sage will be kept overnight and must then be on bed-rest. But Sage has a job. You’re fired, Nick quips – then is asked to come with the DR for some recommendations on rest.

Back at the club, Billy finds one of Johnny’s cars in his pockets – so gives it to Connor. He’s not Daddy anymore, but they’ll always be buds. Updated on Victor suing for visitation, Billy tells Chelsea to take Connor and go.

Hovering over the hacker’s shoulder with a glass of vodka, Ian muses about Gabe Bingham coming to him. We’re a perfect match – we both hate Victor (who hates Ian’s connection to the sweet Nicole) Revenge is a dish best served cold – choke on your just desserts Victor! *evil laugh*

Vikki’s on the phone – why was my Father’s office the only place with power? Check it out ~click~ She turns with suspicion – seconds after Adam slips out.

Collin and Jill join Ester at CL’s, trying to make amends. With Collin fetching coffee, Ester tells Jill that he made inappropriate advances towards her. Jill laughs – he hit on you!? He’d never do that! Collin returns – I wouldn’t do what?

In the hallway, Nick updates his parents – all is good. Meanwhile, Sage chats to her belly – I won’t let anyone come between us. On cue, Victor walks in.

The security guard suggests Victor’s office might have a back up power generator. Feeling that someone was there, she asks the guard to keep an eye on the cameras – then is left to look at her Father’s laptop (left on)

Billy guesses it was ‘Gabe’s idea to stay – and doesn’t believe for a minute that he’s ‘letting things go’ with Victor. If you think you’re happy with him …. Chelsea IS happy with Gabe – and he’s good for Connor. Billy says the only ‘consistency’ Connor needs is his MOM. What more can a kid need? Connor blurts out the word Adam *awkward*

Chelsea explains that she tells Connor about Adam all the time. It must drive Gabe nuts, Billy guesses. Nope – Adam arrives to say that he appreciates Connor’s parentage (unlike Billy) Connor had a Father who loved him very much. Billy doesn’t get the cosmic connection between Gabe and Adam – perhaps you’re two of a kind. That’s enough, Chelsea takes Connor elsewhere – leaving Adam to tell Billy that Adam left a taped confession and wishes he’d come forward re: Delia. Billy claims the only decent thing Adam ever did is die – so I don’t have to see his face again. I won’t ever see Delia’s face again either – but you don’t understand that – you’re not a Father (despite latching onto someone else’s kid)