Friday, September 25th

Chaos ensues at the station. Mike’s with Devon (pissed and in handcuffs) – the pilot doesn’t want to press charges. Dylan blocks his exit – telling Paul that he knows where Hilary is.

In the boathouse, Neil whines about his kids and Gwen asking questions – he must keep his distance, fly under the radar – let everyone think he’s out of town for a few days. He needs Hilary to wake up and tell everyone that he didn’t hurt her – that I saved you. That will clear my name. Oh the shame and guilt – Neil just wants it all to stop. Wake up and make it stop.

Noah’s done – he doesn’t want to hear any more lies. Marisa loves Noah – and will tell him everything. The story she’s about to tell is true (about Marco, Jack and Victor)

Patience – Ian cackles as he watches dominoes fall – soon he’ll reap the rewards of Victor crashing into oblivion. Hello Phyllis (he grins at her photo on his laptop)

Dining on the rooftop, Phyllis and Summer are proud Jack (and Kyle) for supporting his attempt to sell the company back – to not take advantage of a computer glitch. Knowing Victor’s coming after the Abbott’s, Jack would feel much better if they could present a united front.

At Jabot, Billy won’t hold the vote against Kyle – you had to side with your Dad. No, Kyle actually agrees with his Dad – and isn’t impressed that Ashley went to Europe and left the impulsive Billy in charge. You’re fired, Billy jokes – but – if Kyle objects to him running Jabot, he can follow Abby over to Newman.

Wanting the Abbott’s in charge of Jabot arrested, Victor sends two FBI agents off to investigate the ‘pillaging’ of his shipping line. Arriving, neither Vikki nor Abby are thrilled – we should be going after whomever’s responsible for the computer glitch. The Abbott’s are behind Paragon, Victor insists.

Paul off questioning the pilot, Devon’s convinced he knows where Hilary is. Mike and Dylan try to calm Devon down – punching people doesn’t help your case. As a cop leads Devon off, Mike grumbles about the damage he and Dylan have caused trying to ‘help’.

The pilot hasn’t heard anything about Hilary’s disappearance – but understands her husband must be desperate. Paul thinks that very understanding of him. Not appreciating being treated like a criminal, the pilot would like to leave now.

Gwen calls to wish Neil luck on his job interview. Oh yeah – job interview – thanks – first he’s gonna get out of the hotel for a stroll through Central Park, maybe go to the Met. He’ll take Gwen up on that raincheck soon. She then joins Billy and Kyle – the IRS are auditing Jabot – how do I respond? Stall – don’t give them anything yet.

Vikki claim that Billy has nothing to do with Paragon – or Jack (he called a meeting to try get the company sold back to us) Victor thinks them naive – your Mother (and the rest of the Abbott’s) are behind Paragon. Ashley’s sudden trip to Europe proves it. You’re wrong – and Abby won’t let Victor go after her.

Noah tries to process Marisa’s incredible story – so, Marco looks exactly like Jack – my Grandpa brought him here – and he fooled everyone. This is insane. My Grandpa wouldn’t play God with another man’s life. Marisa insists it’s true – it wasn’t her story to tell – it was Jack’s. Then why hasn’t he told anyone? Noah wonders – why would Jack – and Phyllis keep this secret? People were killed – Jack could go to prison. They love each other and want to stay together. Oh- so you’re saying you want us to stay together – that if I loved you I’d accept this. Marisa hopes so.

Victor’s already swinging, Jack says as he gets a text – the IRS is auditing Jabot. He’s convinced it’s us. Summer wonders if there’s anything Jack can do to stop this.