Thursday, September 24th

At CL’s, Dylan tells Kevin and Mariah that he’s proud of Sharon. Mariah’s meeting Noah then both are going to visit Sharon. Odd, he’s never late, Mariah wonders what’s keeping him.

Marisa arrives at the club hoping to make amends with Noah. He’s not so ready to forgive – are you even capable of telling the truth??

Patty apologizes to Sharon – she came on too strong yesterday. I probably freaked you out. You haven’t even settled in yet. Thanks for understanding, Sharon tries to escape. Not so fast – Patty gushes about Faith and her sweet smile. Stay away from her, Sharon bristles. Patty understands Sharon being protective – losing a child could drive a person crazy.

At the club, Devon surprises Lily with news that Neil’s renovating the house for him and Hilary – sweet that he’s so optimistic. Neil joins them – he’s sorry he lashed out at Devon yesterday. Devon’s sorry he surprised Neil at the lakehouse. Neil’s kids love him – and Gwen loves you too, Devon adds.

Gwen swipes tears and hurries off the patio as Mike and Lauren enter all smiles. She’s looking forward to being wooed, wined and dined.

After Mariah goes to find Noah, Kevin hangs around to ask Dylan for an update on the info he gave re: Collin hiring escorts. Dylan needs proof and could use Kevin’s help.

Kevin’s busy – but listens to Dylan’s update on the mysterious plane. Perhaps Kevin can find out where it went.

As Devon goes on about how much Gwen cares for Neil, Lily’s all for it. No – Neil doesn’t want to lead her on – he’s busy. Doing what? Lily wonders.

Marisa was shocked when Luca showed up – it wasn’t much of a marriage. She was looking for a better life and he offered it (the one time he went against his family) So I’m just the next rich guy you want to go against his family?? I’m your next mark? Noah also worries she runs every time things go wrong. Mariah arrives – am I interrupting something? No – we’re finished, Noah marches.

Patty was talking about the baby she lost – that’s what started all her problems. Stay away from my family, Sharon’s not happy to hear Patty told Faith where the water fountain was. I’m not a threat anymore – that’s why Paulie was able to have me moved to Fairview. How would you like to be judged based only on the crazy things you’ve done in the past? It doesn’t make us bad people. Dr A arrives to agree. As Patty bounces off to crochet class, Sharon wonders if checking into Fairview was a mistake.

Dr A’s sure that coming to Fairview is the right thing to do – it shows Sharon’s come a long way since her previous stays. When Noah and Mariah arrive it doesn’t take long before Mariah puts her foot in her mouth – then blabs that Noah’s having trouble with Marisa. What did she lie about? Sharon wonders – sometimes people lie for a good reason.