Monday, September 28th

No time for spellcheck or proofreading tonight.

At the station, Dylan relays what the pilot told him. Paul and Mike hash things out. Devon’s fuming – he’ll tear apart the person who’s keeping him from Hilary.

In the park, a stunned Gwen spies from a distance as the pilot rants at Neil – the guy’s facing murder charges and his wife is alive! I’m not going down for this. Neil insists the pilot leave town – you DO have something to hide. Going to the cops is a bad idea. and Neil will lose his freedom (I can’t let that happen) People think I’m in New York!

Vikki thinks this outrageous – the cops can’t arrest Billy. He reads the list of charges (including corporate espionage and trespassing at NE) Abby doesn’t care that the arrest is per FBI orders – take him and you have to take me. And you don’t want to do that.

Victor doesn’t appreciate Noah calling him a liar. Jack’s jaw drops as Noah blurts out all he knows – you hired someone to take Jack’s place. You KNOW where I heard it from – is Marisa lying? Jack talks about different perspectives. Right – your perspective is to pretend there weren’t two Jack Abbott’s in town. Everyone needs to know that my Grandfather put everyone I care about in danger!

In the park, Summer fills Phyllis in on Ian Ward (a cult leader who befriended her to blackmail Nikki – and who tried to marry a drugged Mariah) Grandpa is gonna be pissed that he’s somehow out of prison. Victor! That’s why Ian’s here, Phyllis realizes.

As Ian returns to his new home, Adam gripes about him being seen. Yes, he saw Phyllis (and someone’s tipped her off that I might be behind Paragon) Any idea who’d betrayed me???

As Gwen continues to eavesdrop, Neil tells the antsy pilot to leave town – there’s NO murder – ‘the billionaire’s wife’ is not going to die. Go on – get outta here. Neil leaves, Gwen in hot pursuit.

Paul plans – we need to find the pilot before he leaves town, and proof that Hilary’s alive. So get it, Devon snaps – let’s find her now. Mike rejoins them with good news – Chris isn’t pressing assault charges. Devon wastes no time marching out. Don’t take the law into your own hands, Mike’s bellowing is ignored. What do you expect? Dylan sympathizes. OK, Paul will put out an APB on Hilary. And he has another crisis for Mike.

Back at Jabot, tensions increase between the cops, Billy, Vikki and Abby. Now you’re all under arrest. Great!

In Victor’s office, Jack agrees that Victor went over the line with Marco – but it happened to ME! You weren’t the only victim (and Noah knows he’s keeping quite to stay out of jail) Of course Jack doesn’t want to be extradited to a foreign court system. Marisa should NOT have told you, Victor makes it clear that Noah should dump her. Jack disagrees – she’s a good woman – she saved my life. This is MY call – this happened to ME! Jack’s concerned about everyone’s safety including Marisa. Noah doesn’t give a damn about her or anyone else, and WILL tell everyone the truth right now. You’re not going anywhere, Victor stops Noah dead in his tracks.

Yes, Adam tipped Phyllis off – because Ian went off the script. She’s smart and stubborn, plus her family knows (and hates) you! Go into that apartment and stay there. Ian won’t ‘ease up’ – he wants to watch Victor suffer. Nope – Adam’s pulling the plug on Paragon. Ian wants to do something else entirely.