Tuesday, September 29th

Cane’s at the station pushing Paul for answers in Hilary’s disappearance (so Devon will stop interfering) Devon barges in on cue (with Lily) He’s not impressed with the list of what Paul’s doing, Is this a wild goose chase??

After Neil’s arranged for private medical transport, Gwen bursts in – Hilary’s been here this entire time!? Neil grabs her wrist – please, let me explain.

At the penthouse, Jack tells Adam that it was Summer who told him Ian Ward’s in town. No, Phyllis didn’t get a chance to confront him. Kevin and Chelsea arrive – and are stunned to hear that Ian Ward’s behind Paragon. Jack believes he’s working with someone else. Behind his laptop, Adam looks uncomfortable.

Surprised to see me? Ian claims he hasn’t been outside the prison walls – he’s never hard of the Paragon Project (but does wish he’d crossed paths with the lovely young Summer) Perhaps I have a doppelganger? he sneers at Victor – it’s not uncommon in GC. Phyllis blows in – how about me *Fred*?

As Jack, Kevin and Chelsea discuss Ian and his diabolical plan, Adam cuts in – we don’t know someone’s helping Ian; he seems capable and crafty enough to pull this off alone. You don’t know what he’s capable of, Jack points out.

Ian would recognize this beautiful woman anywhere – if they ever met. You have me confused with someone else. Phyllis confronts ‘Fred’ – you knew exactly who I was; Jack’s wife. Oh? Ian thought Jack was involved with a beautiful blond?? Phyllis won’t let the sick sonofabitch push her buttons (as Victor pulls her away)

Paul hasn’t been able to corroborate the pilot’s story, and is looking at every possible scenario. Devon’s beside himself – he’ll pay any amount to get Hilary back. Some crazy guy has her – we need to get inside his head.

Neil tells Gwen everything – that Hilary’s recovering here – he found her at the bottom of a cliff. He followed her and Devon to BVI – to show them a video he set up to destroy the marriage. After seeing the video, Hilary ran off crying. Neil then heard a scream and saw her in the water. She may have jumped or fallen. He rescued Hilary, did CPR and carried her to a doctor – then to his private plane. He’s been taking care of her ever since. When Hilary wakes up, she’ll tell everyone – including you, what really happened. Gwen’s not swayed – You let your son think his wife was dead – you like watching him suffer.

Paul tells Devon to go home – let me do my job – don’t interfere with this investigation or you’ll be arrested (which he should have been for assaulting the pilot) If the kidnapper’s backed into a corner, he might do something desperate.

Neil has been watching Devon suffer, and Hilary – it’s killing me. No, he doesn’t want Gwen’s sympathy. After the plane crash, Neil started to focus on revenge against Hilary and Devon – to make them feel the pain they’d caused him. I didn’t expect or want this to happen. Now, Neil can see how much Devon loves Hilary – and it’s brought him closer to Gwen (don’t you dare touch me, Gwen moves back)

The penthouse foursome brainstorm. Hey – couldn’t Kevin find out who Ian’s partner is? Yes – he won’t hide from me, Kevin vows as he marches off.

Ian’s amused – and Victor’s been duped. You think I can come and go from prison at will? Grabbing Ian by his robe, Victor knows he’s behind the Paragon Project. When the guard comes in to lead Ian out, Phyllis hisses that she really dislikes someone messing with her daughter. Victor’s payback will be a slap on the wrist compared to what she’ll do to Ian.