Wednesday, September 30th

Devon runs around GCM – sure the Jane Doe is Hilary. As he brushes past Paul, Devon’s disappointed to see the terrified woman in the bed isn’t Hilary – it’s Marisa.

Dylan chats with Ben at CL’s – if you had an unconscious woman, where would take her to avoid detection? Ben doubts Hilary was brought to a health care facility at all.

In the boathouse, Neil packs up – he’ll get Hilary to the hospital, then disappear. But damn – you’re too fragile to move. Gwen must have called the police – I have to leave – it’s the only way. The police will bring an ambulance – you’ll get the care you need – I’m sorry – gotta go. Take care. A moment later, he returns.

Mariah helps Noah clean up the third glass he’s dropped tonight. Noah’s relieved he doesn’t have to deal with Marisa’s lies anymore. Defending Marisa, Mariah reminds that their Mother said sometimes there’s a reason to lie. Your past always catches up with you.

Kevin blurts out that the hack came from an IP traced to this building – Adam’s old apartment. Imagine – Ian Ward working here, all this time, to bring down Victor Newman – and nobody knew it. Adam and Chelsea remain silent.

In Chelsea and Adam’s condo, Kevin is sure someone’s working with Ian – someone hacked the system from Victor’s computer – in HIS office – the night of Kay’s memorial – remember the power outages?? Adam gets a call from Jack – you guys won’t believe this – Ian Ward escaped prison – again. Kevin marches out to find Ian’s accomplice – one will lead to the other. That leaves Adam to talk about beefing up security. But Ian’s not the one Chelsea’s frightened of. What were you doing in your old apartment????

Mariah caused a lot of grief – had her own secrets – but here she is, part of the family. Noah gets a call from the police – what!? OMG. He updates that Marisa got mugged – she’s at GCM. They found his photo in her phone. Mariah insists he go – if you love her …. GO!

It wasn’t Hilary, Devon comes out to inform Lily and Devon. Aside, Emma updates Gwen – poor Devon – he’s crushed. You OK? Feet away, Devon rants – I’ll kill the sonofabitch responsible for this.

Paul tells Devon that revenge won’t help find Hilary. He gets a call – what?! So he did escape? Ian Ward might come back here – put the department on high alert. Devon understands that Paul has many priorities – his only priority is finding Hilary. As Lily leads her sad brother out, Emma continues to fret about poor Devon to a shocked and silent Gwen.

Marisa knows Devon from the club – she’s sorry he was disappointed – she lets people down. Paul asks if she saw who attacked her. No – it happened from behind. Do you have any enemies? Noah enters the room.

At Hilary’s bedside, Neil’s so sorry – he’d turn the clock back if he could. You and Devon can have a beautiful future together – you deserve it. I wish you and my son a life of happiness together. Gwen calls – she hasn’t called the cops and wants to talk to Neil face to face.

With Dylan, Ben explains why he doubts anyone could keep Hilary hidden – plus there’s a reward. To keep someone alive in that state, you’d need ….. He suddenly stops – then relays the day some medical supplies sent missing. We still don’t know who.