Thursday, October 8th

Jack and Chelsea are stunned when Abby arrives at the penthouse to update that Victor’s letting her and her fashion line go. Yes, Jack’s happy (if not a bit skeptical) – plus, what will Chelsea do with her new-found freedom?

Why is Victor visiting Adam? To help him? Yeah, right. Victor has powerful friends (while Adam has none) He can have a Judge arrange bail. In exchange for what? Stopping the Paragon virus. Adam’s resigned to his fate – he has nothing at stake. You have everything at stake son, Victor disagrees.

Nick and Sage watch their son’s tiny chest rise and fall thanks to machinery. Mommy and Daddy are right here. The doctor reports that he’s fragile – but Sage must take care of her own health – the baby needs a healthy Mom. Nick will see to that (and convinces Sage to leave) I’ll be back Christian – Mommy’s fighting for you, she says as Nick wheels her out.

At GCM, Ben and Dylan suspect an inside job – the tracker was shut off. Hilary’s kidnapper was tipped off.

It’s only a million dollars – of course Devon’s going to make the drop at the park to get Hilary back (despite the Ashby’s concerns)

At the boathouse, Neil’s deactivated the tracker – but we can’t go to GCM anymore. The police are all over it. But they can’t summon a doctor either. We must have faith and be patient, Neil says. But how patient will the kidnapper be? Gwen asks.

Ben worries that Hilary may need more than meds – we need to find her fast. The police are in a ‘holding pattern’ – Dylan’s working on something else with Devon. Something dangerous? Ben worries – call your Dad, the Chief of Police. No cops – this is going down tonight – after Dylan visits Sharon (she’s ready to come home)

Sharon feels fine – but can’t believe she slept a whole day away. Must be the pregnancy catching up with you, Dr A suggests (as Patty eavesdrops)

Chelsea’s decided to leave GC for a clean break – so Connor won’t be judged as Adam Newman’s son. Abby wishes her the best – but Jack thinks leaving won’t be easy (which Chelsea’s tears prove) Abby suggests Chelsea go see Adam, for closure. Jack agrees – don’t leave things left unsaid.

Maybe he is a fool, but Adam doesn’t need Victor’s money or help. Victor gave Chelsea her company back. She’s probably packing to leave town right now. Adam suspects Victor’s OKing that because he has a new grandson – did you hear I delivered him? Victor sometimes sees a glimpse of humanity in Adam. As Victor gets up to leave, Adam complains. Victor reminds that he didn’t abandon Adam; it’s Adam who’s abandoning HIS son. By the time Victor exits and Mike enters, Adam’s changed his mind – he must get out to see his son.

Cane wants to take Devon’s place (to make the drop at the park) – not Dylan. Lily worries about the danger, Cane being too emotional, and thinks Dylan will have a level head.

At Fairview, Dylan hugs Sharon – who’s not ready to come home after all. Dr Anderson thinks it too soon for her to check out. Sharon agrees – I’m really making progress (with new meds) With a kiss, Sharon can’t wait to come home to Dylan (her and the baby) This little boy or girl is ravenous. Love you. As Dylan heads out, Aunt Patty launches herself into his arms – you look like Paulie. You can’t go yet, she stops him – I have to warn you about Sharon (I’m not sure about the drugs they’re using on her)

Nick puts a stubborn Sage back in bed. OK, she’ll sleep for a few minutes. Nick promises to update her if there’s any changes. In the hallway, Nick bumps into Dr Anderson – who looks familiar – do I know you?