Thursday, October 8th

In a hospital gown, Victor gazes adoringly at his grandson and namesake – and ‘all this machinery’. You’ll be a big boy one day – fight like a Newman. You’re part of this family now – you’ll make it. I love you. I wish I could hold you. You’ll be alright, he repeats through tears.

Patty’s been in and out of institutions long enough to know when someone’s being given high octane meds. Sharon was out of it last night and isn’t herself today. Dylan didn’t notice – he noticed that Sharon’s happy and energetic. He appreciates Patty’s concern but he knows his fiance better than she does. Trust the doctors – take care, he exits.

Ben joins Abby in the neonatal unit to say that Christian will be fine. Abby apologizes – she doesn’t know what came over her (trying to save NE with a fresh spin and big smile) It’s a pretty lethal smile, Ben quips. Abby’s upset that Adam’s alive, and that he killed Delia. Adam saved this little guy’s life, Ben informs.

The DA’s pushing for no bail, Mike returns to report – is there anyone who’d stand up to vouch for your character? No, but Adam must see his son. Mike points out why Adam’s a huge flight risk – Chelsea might be able to help, but Mike can’t talk her into it. On cue, Chelsea appears.

Coming through the revolving door, Jack praises Victor on doing the right thing in releasing Chelsea. Victor claims he merely offloaded a devalued company. Jack thinks he did it to bait (and use leverage against) Adam – so he’ll stop Paragon. Jack isn’t ‘attacking’ Victor – he wants to thank him.

Dr Anderson's checking in at GCM because Sharon's concerned about Nick and Sage's baby being born premature. Nick supports Sharon being healthy, and her DR being proactive. Faith's gonna need her Mom. All children do, the DR replies. Faint concern flickers across Nick's face.

Sharon's quite annoyed when Patty accosts her to insist she stop taking the medication she's being given.

Back at the club, Neil arrives to tell Devon not to give the kidnapper money - there's no proof they have Hilary. And why did they wait so long? Cane agrees it's a mistake - and why only a million? When Dylan arrives, Devon shrugs off everyone's doubts and hands him the briefcase - bring back my wife.

As Gwen pleads with Hilary to wake up, she hears a noise - and grabbing an oar, gets ready to swing.

Mike leaves Chelsea to ask Adam if he's changed his mind - or does he still want her to move on? Yes. And yes, Victor was right - Chelsea is leaving town. Adam has one request - to see Connor one last time.

Still in neonatal, Ben tells Abby that Adam also performed infant CPR. Seeing this little life puts things into perspective for Abby - can Ben every forgive her? Seems so - he suggests they get a coffee.

Chelsea won't let Adam see Connor - he's already confused enough. She's there for closure. The lies - the revenge meant more to Adam than she did. Adam disagrees - and again pleads to see Connor one more time. No, it wouldn't be good for him, Chelsea pauses her exit to give Adam one last kiss - I need you to be dead to me, and your son.

Jack's pleased that Victor gave Adam something to fight for. He CAN be loyal to his family and Adam. Victor feels he was justified in everything he did to Jack (because he kept Adam's secret - enabling Paragon) Victor then gets a call from Adam - he wants to talk about his offer.

Neil takes the oar from Gwen - it's OK, it's just me. Gwen's in a panic - I heard something outside!

Dylan puts the briefcase down at the park and hides behind a wall - then leaps on the hooded person who grabs it. Thrown to the ground, Dylan gets up to give chase.

Patty's worried about Sharon and the baby she's carrying - her 'family 'too. Sharon reassures the paranoid Patty - she's happy and pregnant - nothing will change that - trust me.