Thursday, October 8th

Sage awakens as Nick returns – how’s Christian? Nick had a chat with him – telling him what sports teams and music to like – and how tough his Mom is. Yes, he listened – for now. Sage is relieved that he’s ‘stable’. He’ll make it, Nick assures with a hug (as Dr Anderson watches through the window)

Dylan returns to the club – the kidnapper took the money and ran. Devon’s pissed – if anything happens to Hilary it’s your fault!

Neil updates that the ransom money was dropped off at the park – someone took it. Maybe someone found out the truth. Gwen worries the police are coming.

At the club with Jack, Mike asks if he’d speak for Adam at his arraignment? No, he has no one else to ask – we need you. Jack can’t betray Billy. He’s surprised Adam now wants out. Mike reports the he just wants to see his son.

Chelsea chats to Connor in her lap – we’re going on a new, fun adventure. We won’t say good bye to anyone before we leave – it’s better that way.

Adam will stop Paragon as soon as he gets out – he needs to see Connor before he leaves town. Now you need my help? Victor frowns across the table. Just like you need my help, Adam replies.

Next: Today’s about Delia, and Jill’s come up with a way to honour our sweet girl (at CL’s, Ester doesn’t look too receptive) … Given your history, the nature of the crime, your chances (at getting bail) are one in a million, Mike tells Adam … No one will vouch for this man, Chris says in court. Your honour, I will vouch for my son, Victor stands to say.

My Thoughts: Oh Victor – you old gargoyle. Stop tearing up over l’il Christian – making us think you have a heart after all. Jack’s right – Victor isn’t known for his ‘kindness’… Yes, Victor releasing Chelsea opens up all kinds of opportunities for Chelsea, but why didn’t Jack offer to rehire her back at Jabot? Where the hell is Ashley anyway? … Victor agreeing to let Chelsea go, indicates it was never about his fondness for Connor. I don’t see him exercising any visitation with the kid … Victor’s ‘friends’ with top Judges? Then why did he allow Vikki to lose custody of her firstborn son? It’s ridiculous for Victor to not let Connor be taken from GC – yet doesn’t give a rats ass about Reed living in DC; in fact he’s stated numerous times that Katherine will bypass both Reed and Johnny when it comes to Newman Enterprises… Why would Jack think it not easy for Chelsea to ‘walk away from this place’? She already has a home in Paris she’d planned to move to – and it’s not like she should expect to have a future with Adam (even if she wanted one – he should to go prison; though somehow, he’ll manage to avoid it) … Clearly Dr Anderson is up to no good – though her motive remains a mystery. I laughed when Dylan put his hand on Sharon’s flat belly – why has no one noticed? And being a doctor, why would Dr Anderson think she could get private medical information – she’s not family, neither is Sharon… Huh? Adam will stop Paragon ‘just as soon’ as Victor gets him out? I thought he didn’t know how to stop it – or it was unstoppable…. Um. Are we supposed to forget Neil’s weird and random outburst when Gwen got back from stealing meds at GCM? He accused her of being after money and laughed in her face when she said ‘I love you’ – then they were distracted by finding the tracker. There was absolutely no explanation or apology from Neil (who was, yet again, being a complete ass. How pathetic that a strong and intelligent woman like Gwen is OK being treated this way, never mind by a man twice her age. Oh well, join the club I guess)