Monday, October 12th

No time today – Happy Thanksgiving Canada …..

As Chloe watches, unseen, Jack asks everyone to listen – Delia would have seen the best in Adam, not the worst. Adam then tells Billy that he’s right; no words can bring Delia back. He should have come forward – I’m sorry. Adam would gladly give his life for his sweet daughter’s. Chloe steps out to do a slow clap – new face – but you’re the same bastard you’ve always been.

At CL’s, Paul tells Dylan that there may have been a glitch in the tracker – maybe the kidnapper found it. What isn’t Dylan telling him? Devon appears – he won’t keep quiet about what happened – his wife’s life is at stake.

Cane’s at the club updating Lily that Dylan blew the drop off – now Hilary’s expendable to the kidnapper. A staffer gives them another yellow envelope (which Cane opens – maybe it’s the message we’ve been waiting for)

Neil wipes the boathouse down for fingerprints. Gwen’s no longer worried – the fake kidnapper has probably left the country with the money – we’re safe here. Or maybe they know Hilary’s here and will tell the police. She then realizes he’s not trying to protect himself – he’s protecting her.

Yes, Neil’s erasing every trace of Gwen – he wants her to be free. He started this alone and will finish it alone. When Hilary wakes up this whole story will come out and Neil will go down for it. Gwen doesn’t want to lose Neil ~kiss~

Dylan interrupts Devon to say he’s just worried about his wife. Not buying it, Paul wants to know what they’re hiding. Getting a call from Cane that the kidnapper’s sent another message, Devon runs out. Paul stops Dylan from following – you’re not going anywhere.

Chloe tells Ester and Kevin to stand back. Why is everyone so surprised to see her – she’s here to honour her daughter; and to get justice. All gasp as she pulls out a gun, aiming at Adam.

Dylan refuses to answer Paul’s questions – trust me on this. Trust ME! Paul shouts. If I find anything out you’ll be the first to know, Dylan assures, then bolts.