Friday, October 9th

On the 2 year anniversary of Delia’s death, Billy mourns over a framed photo (home with Vikki) Sure there’s finally some justice, but Adam being in a cell just doesn’t seem enough – and Delia’s still gone.

A mystery woman in an obviously fake blonde wig and hat wheels her luggage into a suite at the club. On the table is a newspaper – the headline reads; new face – old crime.

At CL’s, Kevin’s ranting about his brother defending the guy who killed his stepdaughter. Kyle also doesn’t understand why his Dad protected Adam. Summer and Abby seem more forgiving – towards Jack and Chelsea; logic doesn’t trump emotion. On cue, Ben arrives to meet her eyes.

Also at CL’s, an emotional Ester clings to Jill – who tells her to calm herself – she’s come up with a way to honour their sweet little girl.

Chelsea and Anita are packing up the penthouse – the car and flight are booked. Anita thinks Chelsea can run from GC, but not her feelings for Adam.

In an interrogation room, Adam doesn’t need Mike to explain arraignment (it’s not his first arrest) Mike isn’t overly optimistic he’ll get bail – 1 in a million. Luckily, Adam has someone on his side who likes high odds.

At the courthouse, Phyllis and Jack watch Victor shake the Judge’s hand; then accuse him of paying a bribe to ensure his son goes free.

Victor just shook hands with an old friend. Wouldn’t things be interesting if he had the power Jack and Phyllis thinks he has. The Abbott’s are left even more convinced. Victor’s agenda? He released Chelsea to goad Adam; who will then fight the charges to get out to see her and Connor – and stop Paragon. What about justice for Delia? Victor doted on her, Phyllis gripes – this hurts everyone except Adam and Victor.

At the station, Lauren grumbles to Chris about Mike representing Adam – Delia was our family. What if he gets the charges dropped? Yes, Mike’s good, but Adam’s guilty and Chris will ensure he goes to prison.

Back in the interrogation room, Mike warns Adam that a deal with Victor will end in punishment. Adam’s only concern is seeing his wife and son before they leave town – there’s no other option.

Anita knows Chelsea still loves Adam. It doesn’t matter, Chelsea whines about Victor being more important to Adam than she ever was. Paris was a crazy dream that would never work. She’ll keep in touch via email and texting – but won’t share her whereabouts or invite Anita for a visit until Adam’s out of her system. That will be never, Anita suspects.

Vikki’s OK with Billy going to Adam’s arraignment, or we can go pick pumpkins. He knows it’s a tough day for her too (he was a jerk after Delia died) Jill arrives to give Billy a weepy hug. Adam’s an evil monster who’ll get what’s coming – starting today. No, Billy’s not going to the courthouse, or to the roadside memorial. Jill’s idea to plant a tree in Chancellor Park (already arranged) sounds like a great idea to him and Vikki.

Ester whines to Summer and Kyle – Jill tasked HER with picking up the tree. She’s relieved when Summer and Kyle offer to go pick it up – meet you at the park.

On the patio, Ben’s surprised when awkward flirting leads to Abby declining his invitation to go to dinner tonight.