Friday, October 16th

In Victor’s office, Adam hasn’t gotten anywhere with Paragon but feels a breakthrough coming on. Victor suspects he’s lying (and can’t stop the virus he created)

Kevin’s at the club. Chloe checked out, he tells Chelsea (by phone) She was at the penthouse last night, Chelsea reports; angry because I betrayed her. Then Adam showed up. Great, Kevin guesses she left town – Chloe’s Chloe – she’ll turn up again. Hanging up, Kevin updates the bickering Baldwin’s – nice job Mike – thanks to you Delia’s killer’s ruining lives all over again!

Noah’s disgusted with the whole plan – he’s to look for Marisa’s daughter while she’s in Luca’s bed for a month? What kind of man uses his child to blackmail someone anyway? He probably doesn’t even know where she is. Luca arrives at Underground to say he does so – and looks forward to reuniting his family. But first; our reunion as husband and wife. Shall we?? he smiles at Marisa.

Barging into Paul’s office, a frustrated Devon needs more than a ‘we’re doing all we can’ sound bite. He’s sorry – the dead ends are getting to him. He then runs Dylan’s theory – what if there’s two kidnappers? One has Hilary, the other is just using that to get money.

Cane’s surprised to come out and find the living room empty. The twins appear to whine – where’d Mommy go???

At CL’s, Lily tells Dylan where she found the money – it’s not what it seems. No way Cane’s the ‘kidnapper’. Then why come to Dylan instead of Cane? Lily has no answer.

Noah basically repeats his rant to Luca – who uses his child to blackmail her Mother into your bed? Leave! Now! Your wife doesn’t want you anymore! Marisa agrees with Luca – it IS her decision. Luca knows it’s not easy for Noah, but it’s time to let Marisa go. Noah sends her to the back for her check – then warns Luca not to hurt Marisa. We had something very special – the kind of love that never goes away, Luca then tells Marisa that Noah will move on. Taking her arm, he leads her out.

Mike knows what Adam did, but he too deserves justice. He’s sorry Kevin’s hurt, but has somewhere to be. Yeah, go work on getting a baby killer off! Mike again apologizes and leaves Lauren to ask how Chloe was? Something’s going on with her, Kevin suspects. Lauren gets a call that angers her – someone authorized a crazy cash upfront deal with a crappy manufacturer. When I found out who’s responsible!! Kevin suggests Paragon’s behind it.

Paragon’s gone rogue, Adam admits – you wanna revoke my bail? Hit me again? Victor’s not surprised – he knew Adam couldn’t fix the problem. Father and son argue; you never acknowledged me! Why am I the only child who has to prove himself to you!? Why ARE you!? Victor doesn’t get it. You have to control everything!!!!!!! Adam whines about Chelsea taking off with Connor. Maybe not, Victor says.

At the penthouse, Chelsea continues to pack boxes; a framed photo causes a flashback to giggling in bed with Adam. We don’t do ‘normal’, but we did make a beautiful little boy. Adam wants to give Connor everything – so no more fighting with Victor ~kiss~ Mike then drops by – ready to prep for tomorrow’s trial? Chelsea can’t do it.