Monday, October 19th

Not much time today – Jays game AND election. Beers will be consumed eh!

At the club, Billy and Vikki butt heads over what’ll happen at Adam’s trial. Is Vikki preparing Billy for the worst because her Dad’s pulling stings to keep Adam from doing hard time? Tell me what you know, he demands.

In bed, Adam knows this could be the last time he holds Chelsea like this. He knows he’ll be found guilty. But there might be another option. What if I run? Chelsea frowns.

Vikki would never keep something like that from Billy – ever – she has every reason to believe Adam will be convicted. Now she worries how Billy will react if something goes wrong – what this hatred for Adam will do to Billy. Coming downstairs, Victor isn’t pleased to see Vikki canoodling with the obnoxious Billy Boy – looks like Adam’s brought them closer together. Nikki thinks Victor has himself to blame for that (a consequence of pulling strings to have Adam released)

On the rooftop, Devon shocks Neil with news that Cane’s the fake kidnapper – hopefully he’ll tell us who really has Hilary.

At the station, Cane hugs Lily (who’s paid his bail) Thanks for realizing this is insane – and not believing that he’d steal from Devon or kidnap Hilary. Drawn into a hug, Lily doesn’t look so sure of Cane’s innocence.

Vikki loves Billy – let go of this need to see Adam suffer. How much of a sentence will be enough? Billy hopes for closure – he’s dealing with his anger the best he can. Vikki doesn’t expect Billy to feel any love towards Adam. She’ll never forgive him either – but accept what happened – don’t let the bitterness consume you. Paul and Chris come alone – what she just heard could help Adam’s case!

Seated in the dining room, Nikki and Victor discuss Adam (and the hatred that inspired him to want to destroy Newman Enterprises)

Adam now dressed, he tells Chelsea that Victor bailed him out knowing he couldn’t stop Paragon – he offered to get him out of the country (never mind the bail money he put up) This could be our last chance to be a family. He’ll go, and send for her and Connor later. Your Father won’t help you – it’s a scam, Chelsea believes.

Back at the station, Lily suggests someone stole Cane’s gym bag at the club to set him up; they knew how to frame him for that bad Fenmore’s deal too. Cane then alarms Lily by likening this to the time Hilary was messing with them. Wait – the cops aren’t the only ones who suspect me – are they??? He realizes Lily’s suspicious of him.